Women Revolt at High Heel Requirement At Cannes

The Cannes film festival is an event which is known for its glamor events as well as the film premiers. However, some women are revolting after a number of women were turned away from entering a gala event for not wearing high heel shoes.   The females on staff at HomeJoy question who gets to set the trend for fashion for personal items such as foot wear. While Private events do and can mandate appropriate attire such as black tie and gown, should the type of shoes really by up for regulation. Some religions and customs do not permit women to wear high heels and some parts of the world it is normal for a man to attend a black tie event wearing sandals where sandals are the primary foot wear of choice. Some of the men actors supported the women questioning the high heels requirement by tweeting that they would show up at some events wearing high heels. This has been a cultural debate for decades and has been more prevalent as more women assume leadership roles in the work place and more women CEOs are able to dictate policy and the fashion trend for the workplace. Many major corporations have reduced the dress code to more casual wear and the rules are relaxed for more health aware women who shy away from heels so as to protect their feet from a number of foot ailments and discomforts.Cannes Under Fire For High Heel Requirement.