Does White Shark Media Help Their Clients With SEO?

White Shark Media is a well known pay per click management agency. Some of their clients have requested that they offer search engine optimization services. They do not do so, at least not yet. For now, they are concentrating their efforts on making sure that their pay per click services are the best in the industry. At the same time, they are very knowledgeable about search engine optimization. If you are looking for an SEO agency, then you can go to them and get advice from them. Your strategic advisor would be able to look at your search engine optimization plans and give you some guidance.

Another thing that some customers wanted was to be able to switch their strategist. Some customers would sign up with someone who they liked, but the transition period often turned out to be tough. After all, this happens all the time. To fix the issue, White Shark Media now assigned senior consultants to stay with every client after they sign up. They are not as involved as the strategists, but they are there for the client if they need any help or if they need something during the transition period.

Another complaint was that White Shark Media was creating campaigns on their existing account. For half a decade already, White Shark Media has started to create new accounts for their clients so that they can start from scratch and see personalized reports. Of course, if clients already had Adwords campaigns that were successful, they keep those campaigns on their old Adwords accounts.

Some clients realized that most of their customers came over the phone. That is why White Shark Media partnered with a company to provide call tracking. This lets businesses know which calls are coming as a result of their Adwords campaigns.