The Latest Advances in Visual Search Recognition

Text search boxes are a staple of the internet. It is how we connect to places on the web. But recent advances in image recognition software may make s big difference in this area. Websites like the Pinterest social network and the online shoe store are testing new methods of performing searches using just images.

A technique called deep learning has made the changes possible. It enables software to match humans when it comes the act of image and product recognition. The new technology is spearheading Google’s image search and photo recognition site it recently launched.

Pinterest’s new tool allows you to draw a box around an image on their website in order to search for similar items from an index of over a billion stored images. A example would be to box a coffee maker seen in a photo of a kitchen. The visual search produces several similar items, including an exact match.

Some search results on Pinterest produce images with buying buttons. The feature is also included in their mobile app. Pinterest believes visual search can become indispensable because of deep learning’s accuracy. Still, the software is not perfect. Experts think that only after the masses have tried visual search will we know how much of an impact it will have on online searches. is using the deep learning advances in another manner. You click on a visual filter button and you get 12 styles of boots from a catalog of 7,000. When you pick one closest to what you desire you get a selection of another 11 you might like. says the new feature increases sales, and they might expand it beyond boots.

Slyce is a leading visual search recognition company. It is headquartered in Toronto Canada. It was launched in 2013. Slyce develops visual search recognition software based around mobile smart phones.

Large retailers use Slyce’s software to connect its online stores with mobile phone users who take pictures of products that can be searched out and purchased through Slyce’s apps. 

Slyce Helps Consumers Find What They Want With Visual Search

Problems In Online Shopping And The Solutions From Visual Search Industries

Online shopping communities and eCommerce is still on its way up. According to an article that I found on Live Mint’s website, it is doing very well in India. The visual search companies are popping up all over the world in order to facilitate tools that are vital to consumer relations. They are making it easier for consumers to access what retailers have to provide. Online shopping is difficult to track, however. The companies that engage in it are having trouble tracking what types of products consumers are interested in purchasing. There have been measures to keep track of trends with analytics in place, but they are usually not easy to quickly implement in order to keep up with the trends that consumers are projecting.

Image recognition companies may have the solution that the online shopping community has been searching for. The visual search companies are a valuable asset to keeping track of what consumers are seeking to purchase. They offer up new recommendations to consumers to help keep them interested in purchasing products through online stores. These visual search companies are able to keep popping up thanks to angel investors and other investment measures. They have sophisticated measures to compile the data that they receive from consumer trends, and they are able to include retailers in this process in order to help their businesses grow.

Slyce’s Approach To Visual Search

Slyce may have the most innovative approach to the image recognition industry. They have offered an application to consumers that is both easy to use and reliable. The application that Slyce created has a bunch of additional features apart from the stunning visual search feature that helps consumers find whatever product they are looking for. The visual search module is accurate in its design, and it is quite easy for the consumer to operate.

When Slyce had their most recent update, they introduced a number of fantastic features to their already stunning arsenal of products. They added one called Slyce Link that is responsible for generating accurate recommendations for users. They also added a feature to the application that allows the user to converse with Slyce’s new customer care team. This helps the consumer finalize their purchases, and they are more likely to find what they are shopping for.