EOS Lip Balm: The Classics

EOS Lip Balm has been around for nearly a decade. Since its inception, the brand has changed the meaning of lip balm. What once was a staple necessity has now become a fun and playful accessory that also provides absolutely incredible moisture to the lips. In addition, EOS is known for providing true quality, as a typical EOS lip balm lasts for months and months of continuous use, in comparison to other brands of lip balm that leave you emptying the tube within a few short weeks. Visit frenchtribune.com to read more related articles.

EOS uses only all natural ingredients and strives to use the best of organic oils and natural vitamins to really sooth and protect lips. The company has expanded to offer body butter and shave creams, along with expanding its lip line to offer things like Shimmers, EOS with SPF that protects and even a line of ultra-moisturizing balms, refer to this website, evolutionofsmooth.ca.

However, there are some EOS colors that just must be tried before expanding your line.


Summer Fruit

Summer Fruit may always be the corner stone of EOS’s line. The bright pink sphere is the “it” EOS balm to have and it is prominently placed everywhere from beauty bars to makeup counters and even to checkout lines as a “must have” last addition to your shopping card. The flavor is fruity and playful and it is truly everything EOS shows in how selective it is in its flavor choices. Additional info here.


Blueberry Acai

This light blue sphere packs a powerful flavor punch. It combines the earthy richness of two individual berries to have a fruity taste and scent that has long been a fan favorite.


Sweet Mint

The sweet mint, in its pale green sphere, is so perfectly sweet and minty while not being overly sweet or overly minty that it is lip balm perfection. Its flavor is very delicate while still being deeply moisturizing and one that can transition well from a nice lip balm to an overall freshener or your lips and breath if needed in a pinch.


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