QNET Calling Upon The Power Of Positivity With RYTHM

QNET, a direct selling company, is based in Asia. They believe in empowering others by giving them an avenue for entrepreneurship. Their goal is for their Independent Representatives to improve their lives, which eventually may help improve their community, and by doing that, will hopefully improve the world. I think that is a noble undertaking, to say the least.

The founders of QNET were inspired by the teachings of Gandhi. He was a great humanitarian and his energy can be felt when seeing how QNET operates as a company. This is evident in one of QNET’s philosophies called RHYTHM, or Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. It’s all about empowering others so that everyone will succeed.

Well, now QNET is calling upon the power of positivity. The RHYTHM Foundation has started an initiative called the Positive Thoughts Project. This is being sponsored by HomePure, a water filtration company. When they reach 1000 positive comments, a 5th Anniversary version of their filter, HomePure RED, will be donated. One will go to Taarana, a school in Malaysia for children with special needs. The other will be donated to Rashid Centre, a pediatric centre for the disabled in Dubai.

The way to help through Facebook. Anyone can leave up to three positive comments. Only positive comments are to be counted toward the goal. This campaign will last 4 weeks. QNet really does follow through with their philosophy of empowerment. The children are the future, and with this gift, they may end up having a brighter outlook on future.
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