Securus Technologies Has Made Lives Better

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and has its main regional office located in Texas, Allen, Atlanta, and Carrollton. Its main headquarters is found in Dallas, Texas. The company has its main activities related to the correction facilities. Currently, it serves over 2600 correctional facilities in approximately 45 States national wide; covering over one million inmates. The company also offers parolee tracking services and government information management solutions.


It assists most cities and law enforcement agencies to collect, visualize, store and distribute information to facilitate public safety, mobile law enforcement and immediate access to information needed in real time. It uses latest, high-tech technology to electronically monitor most of its activities, analyze data and manage information, and keep updated inmate self-service records. It has been efficient on the forefront to uniting families and friends who have their loved one incarcerated. The company has also improved security as well, especially after it introduced a system to control contraband cell phones that prevented them from connecting to other mobile networks.


Most of the customer benefiting from the service and products seem to be very proud of the company. They believe that the company will make the correctional facilities and the society safer. The company has been receiving extremely positive comments from its customers especially regarding their portfolio of high-tech law enforcement/corrections products that have been displayed in their Technology Center. Apart from the correction officers, men and women in these facilities have also recorded positive outcomes regarding the product and services offered by Securus Technologies. These men and women that use the technologies invested in the correctional facilities say that they have seen lives been saved, made the facility safer, and reduced recidivism.


Securus Technologies: The People’s Choice Provider of Safety Technologies

Securus Technologies is a safety enhancement company based in Dallas, Texas. The firm mainly focuses on innovating safety technologies such as biometric analysis, incident management, monitoring products and services that assist law enforcers and correctional officers to stop and unravel illegal acts. In the course of their work, the firm gets a lot of feedback from the society regarding their products and the measures they take to ensure that optimum security is achieved.


Clients who utilized the monitoring and investigation technologies were grateful to Securus for their effectiveness in monitoring and retrieving information from phone calls. These technologies had thwarted crimes like planned corruption, false witnessing, and involvement in selling illegal drugs by inmates, illegal money transfers, and harassment. They also aided in solving cases, conducting investigations, obtaining search warrants, and eventually apprehending the culprits.


The LBS Software


Securus Technologies was commended for their Investigator pro and the LBS Software that had been used together to retrieve illegal assets, drugs, and money in the sheriff division, something that would have otherwise been impossible making Securus Technologies the number one supplier of jail phone. One client noted that the reporting data has been helpful to his agency in their dynamic strategies to foresee and prevent smuggling of illegal goods.


Building New Investigative Technologies


Another client noted his satisfaction with Securus Technologies’ dedication in continuing to build new investigative technologies and their relentless efforts of positively changing the detention facilities. The client believes Securus’ efforts will go a long way in enhancing the security of inmates and the community, noting that the firm has been reliable for more than 10 years. Their readiness to offer help in using the technologies is a trait that couldn’t go unmentioned as one client noted, having called them in the middle of an investigation and was guided through the cover alert feature to the point that he yielded the desired results.



Securus Technologies’ Field Specialists Receive Certification

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based firm that has served more than 3,000 law enforcement, public safety, and correction facilities. Besides, the company attends to over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. For decades, Securus Technologies specializes in biometric analysis, emergency response, public information, incident response, communication, investigation, and monitoring products and services at correction facilities. With over 1000 employees, Securus Technologies operates offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia. Barely three months in operation, Securus Technologies invested $600 million in the installation of infrastructure, acquisition, and patents.



Benefits of BICSI certification


Over the years, Securus Technologies believes in certification and its importance to the field technicians. In early 2016, Securus Technologies announced that eleven of its field technicians received certification as BICSI Installer 1. As a professional association, Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) supports the development of ICT professionals across the world. ICT services range from video and audio technologies, data, electronic safety and security, voice, and project management. BICSI serves thousands of ICT professionals across the world through training, seminars, accreditation, and publications.


Currently, Securus Technologies operates in over 1000 countries across the world. Danny de Hoyos, the Senior Vice President of Securus Technologies, credits BISCI for its commitment to training ICT professionals to be responsible and customer-focused. He added that BICSI certification builds Securus’ reputation as a reliable and world-class service provider. Danny de Hoyos believes that certification of the eleven field specialists adds a layer of expertise that will help the company provide tailored solutions for challenges in the ever-evolving ICT marketplace.