Pet Owners Seeking High Quality Selections in Pet Food

A recent article in the Daily Herald illustrates how pet food producers are responding to consumers who want their pets to have a more human-like eating experience. You may wonder what that means! Well, despite having to pay a little more – pet owners first of all desire quality, and that means fresh ingredients with a minimum of preservatives. And stockpiling kibble in warehouses where they tend to lose their flavor and texture has obviously been a concern for consumers.

The pet food industry is responding as each would desire a greater market share of this $23.7 billion industry. So be prepared to find more gluten free, organic, grain free, refrigerated and gourmet blend dog food on pet store shelves. Purina has entered the competition in a unique way by purchasing Merrick Pet Care, who were the first to produce certified organic wet and dry pet food. With this acquisition Purina will expand on the company’s BackCountry line which features wildlife recipes such as “Game Bird” and “Pacific Catch”. Some pet owners are trending to feeding their furry friends foods most often found in the wild.

Beneful has been especially responsive to the “pet food experience” trend with its own line of wet dog food that boasts simmered or roasted real meat recipes. Imagine your own family recipe of simmered beef, barley, carrots, wild rice and spinach – that same dish is available for your pet in resealable, ten ounce tubs for refrigeration. Beneful simmered chicken medley, reminiscent of a home-style chicken and wild rice dish, features simmered chicken with green beans, carrots and wild rice.

Dogs may enjoy these human-like eating experiences because they have a super-sized sense of smell. As a matter of fact it is their strongest sense, while a dog’s taste is limited to a few specifics, like sour, salty, bitter or sweet. This may explain why dirty socks and shoes are so darn delicious to dogs! At any rate, the pet food manufacturers are on the right track. Gone are the days where the only choices for pet food were wet and dry, beef and chicken. Beneful is offering up choice menu selections that not only smell great, but are taste tested to satisfy even the most finicky eaters.