Niranjan Shah Represents what Makes America Great

Niranjan Shah like many East Indian emigrants in America has prospered in his new home. He received his bachelor’s degree in India and his master’s degree in Mississippi. He later relocated to Chicago and made his mark on the engineering industry. Niranjan Shah, like many of his fellow countrymen have used the opportunities available in the United States to excel in his Chicago business and prosper.

*Some of the statistics that suggest Indian emigres are some of the hardest working people making up this melting pot are below:

*In 1990, Indians had a $52,908 median income, the highest of all the emigres.

*The worldwide consulting staff is 2% Indian.

*Indians were the most prominent ethnic group in a list of London’s wealthiest families.

*Despite representing only 1% of the population in Hong Kong, Indians own 10% of the exporting businesses.

*In England, Indians own 60% of the retail outlets.

*Indians excel in running hotels and motels. Two well-known Indians, B.U. Patel and H.P. Rama own flourishing hotels: a 440 room Clarion Hotel in San Francisco and a 170-room hotel in Orlando, Florida, respectively.

*Indians commonly hold positions of authority in the consumer banking, investment baking and research.

*Corporate America has many Indians serving as CEOs and other higher executives, such as senior Research and Development Managers. An excellent example would be Vinod Dham, vice president at Intel who hired 400 engineers who later developed the Pentium chip.

*Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, sold it at age 30 and now works in venture capital.

*Umang Gupta sold his software company for $45 million at age 44.

Many Indians obtain their undergraduate degrees in India, but come to America for higher degrees, such as their master’s degree. Niranjan Shah followed a similar path in obtaining his education before moving to Chicago and starting a very successful business. Like many Indians he spoke fluent English before coming to America, so assimilation was without any major effort.

Niranjan Shah is an excellent example of the great things achieved by Indian emigres in the United States. As an entrepreneur he has provided employment for many. As a United States citizen, Shah has contributed to political candidates in Chicago and in the federal government. He has also showed his civic mindedness through serving on college boards, city commissions and hospital boards.

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Betsy DeVos Continues To Stand Her Ground When It Comes To Educational Matters In The United States

Betsy DeVos has been criticized by her political opponents for many things, but being a pushover is not one of them. She has continued to fight for what she believes while many others have given in to passing trends or the almighty dollar. DeVos is not a woman who can be bought off, and one of the reasons for this is that she is already a billionaire. The other reason is that she is genuinely passionate about the work she is doing and this means no amount of money can convince her to change direction.


While most people in Michigan know that Betsy DeVos is not the kind of woman to change her beliefs or back down when her convictions are challenged, there are people in the rest of the country who haven’t seen her in action. Recently, an issue cropped up when president Trump made a move to rescind a public policy that had been allowing transgender students to use any bathroom they wished; so long as it matched up with their gender identity. DeVos had been in a meeting with a transgender and gay representative from the department of education when one of her aides let the representative know that DeVos was not for the rescinding of the policy.


Betsy DeVos never gave a single sign to the public that she was against the president’s move. This is what had some people troubled. These people believed this was a sign that DeVos would be a meek team player who didn’t think for herself. If her track record is of any consequence, this just has not been the case in the past, and it most likely won’t be in the future. She has always stood her ground when it has come to the issues that matter the most, and she usually makes her voice heard in one way or another.


In Michigan, Betsy DeVos has been responsible for the construction of many buildings and schools. In her hometown of Grand Rapids, she has worked hard to help build some of the city’s most useful structures. DeVos has been a very vocal supporter of giving students in America equal educational opportunities, and she believes that charter schools and private schools can help to do so.


Betsy DeVos studied at a private Christian college named Calvin College and received her Bachelor of Arts in business economics from the school. In the past, she has served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican party and has also worked with many different educational organizations that focused on reform. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated over $3 million to educational causes in 2015, and she has been a part of donating millions of dollars to the arts and culture sector in her country.


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Todd Levine: Expert Commercial Attorney

Todd Levine has provided legal advice and services to many different businesses throughout his career but he has a particular interest in commercial real estate law. He s seen as an expert in the field on the topic which is why so many people go to Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. At this firm, Todd Levine is both a co-founder and a partner at the firm. Some of the types of people that the attorney works with at his practice include property managers, investors, and property managers to name a few. The attorney may be focused on real estate, but he still works with finance arrangements and investment partnerships. Todd Levine is a 1998 graduate of the University of Florida where he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance before earning his law degree at the Flordia Levin College of law of which he graduated from in 1991.

Something that attorney Todd Levine has always been talented at is the concept of simplifying complex concepts into a series of simple factors that can be addressed individually. Being able to do this makes it easier to get the point across to judges and other parties that are involved in the situation. After he had approached his first case in this manner and won, he began seeking out other cases that could be broken down to something less complex.

There is no typical day for Todd Levine as an attorney as he is always handling different cases or traveling across the state of Florida where he practices out of. His life is extremely busy so he tries to plan for every second of his workday. Even while he is traveling, he is still working by taking phone calls and other tasks. He has to think about what the next days and weeks may bring due to the fact that deadlines are extremely important when it comes to the law. Making lists at the beginning of his day helps Todd Levine stay focused on what tasks need to be done which keeps him more productive as he is able to stay on track.

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Excellence in Philanthropy and School Choice: Betsy DeVos Expounds On How She and Her Husband Dick Work To Make The World a Better Place

Betsy DeVos might be well-known today for being the secretary of Education under President Trump, but before she was appointed to this coveted position she and her husband Dick were known for many other important things. Simply put, the DeVoses are very famous within Michigan circles for their commitment to their causes and their philanthropic activities. Indeed, during a 2013 interview, Betsy DeVos expounded on just how they got started down this charitable path. These were some of their first steps into this foray:


They visited The Potter’s House in Grand Rapids when their kids were still in school.


Many years ago, Betsy and Dick DeVos had the opportunity to visit this well-known Grand Rapids Christian school. What they saw there made a tremendous impact on them and made them realize the value of school choice in education. They saw parents of much more limited means than them that were committed to giving their kids the best possible education in the safest environment possible. Betsy and Dick realized almost immediately that these kids were every bit as deserving of a quality education as Dick and Betsy had given to their own children. Thus, Betsy and her husband became newly-minted school choice proponents, and they haven’t been the same since.


Betsy and Dick were definitely pleased at the progress being made in the school choice movement.


At the time of this interview, Betsy DeVos was proud of how much progress had been made. In 17 states and the District of Columbia, there were 250,000 students in 33 government-funded school choice programs. Moreover, in 2012, the program actually grew by 40,000 and new school choice ventures were established in the states of Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi and program expansions in Florida and Ohio.


Betsy and Dick were also particularly pleased with the progress being made in Florida.


When she granted this interview, she was proud of the fact that 50,000 Florida students had been given the ability to attend the school of their parent’s choosing. Moreover, they were also pleased with how Florida was able to get many state politicians to buy into the program and lead the charge for the school choice movement.


Betsy DeVos has continued her school choice activism since becoming Trump’s Education Secretary.


Even after being appointed to a cabinet post under the Trump Administration, Betsy DeVos has not been content to just sit on her laurels. DeVos has always been a proponent of working together, and in 2017 she teamed up with Miami rapper Pitbull to visit a charter school in his hometown of Miami. DeVos will team up with anyone to try to fundamentally change education and make it better for everyone. She is definitely going to make the world a better place for all of our schoolchildren.


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Beto O’Rourke Joins Forces With End Citizens United

Beto O’Rourke is running for Senator in Texas. He is attempting to take over Ted Cruz’s seat in the 2018 midterms. End Citizens United is backing Beto O’Rourke. So far, O’Rourke has narrowed the lead Ted Cruz held by several points. In June, according to a poll by the University of Texas, Cruz only had a 5 point lead. That’s down considerably since the beginning of the year. With Beto O’Rourke gaining on Cruz at such a rapid pace, he does have great odds of winning this race in November.

Currently, Cruz has more name recognition with the average Texas voter, but Beto O’Rourke’s game plan for changing the minds of the Texas voter lies in his campaign strategy. He has shook hands and talked to the voters in all 254 Texas counties. The backing of End Citizens United has help make it possible for O’Rourke to travel across the big state of Texas. As he travels, he’s explaining the difference between him and Ted Cruz. There are some very stark and blaring differences that a worth noting.

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One of the differences between O’Rourke and Cruz is their views on big money in politics. Cruz is backed by big money, the NRA and has not given any priority to environmental issues. Beto O’Rourke is backed by conservationist groups like the League of Conservation Action Fund because of his concern for the environment. O’Rourke is also backed by End Citizens United because he believes in campaign finance reform, ending big money contributions to campaigns. Obviously there is a stark contrast between the two.

Beto O’Rourke wants to make politics for the people and by the people as it was originally designed to be in the United States, which is why he has joined forces with End Citizens United. Another difference is O’Rourke’s focus on the matters that concern Texans. He is fighting to see that any Texan that wants to work can find good paying challenging work and that if needed, he or she can access training to get those jobs. He’s also concerned about providing good quality affordable health insurance that can be accessed by the average man or woman. Probably the most important difference between the two candidates is O’Rourke wants to bring the country’s people together, no matter what party they belong to.

ECU is formed on March 2015. It is funded by grassroots members all over the US. They want to eliminate the big money in politics. ECU believes that there are some politicians that supports their campaign reform.

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End Citizens United Announces Their Endorsement For Jane Raybould In Her Bid For Congress

Big Money 20 is a list of politicians that accept near unlimited amounts of campaign contributions from wealthy corporations. The list is published and maintained by a political action committee called End Citizens United. The PAC intends to remove big money from politics and put the voting power back in the hands of the common citizen.

End Citizens United was created after a Supreme Court case ruled in favor of large political donations. According to End Citizens United, this hurt the democratic election system in a major way. The ruling expanded on the theory that corporations should be treated as people instead of companies. Post-ruling, corporations are permitted to donate large amounts of money to politicians in a non-translucent manner. The organization was founded in March of 2015.

End Citizens United goals are to elect pro-reform politicians, politicians that do not accept big money, and politicians that speak for the common citizen. End Citizens United is made up of hundreds of grassroots members, and they are all working to raise awareness of big money in politics.

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Tiffany Muller is the current President of End Citizens United. She has a long, storied psst in politics. From local politician to working very closely with a couple of U.S. Congressman, she has worked all over the country in politics on both the local and national scale. She has helped End Citizen’s United in expanding its reach since her time as President began. Before joining End Citizens United, Muller was the Deputy Political Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee where she worked to get several democrats elected. She also has experience working as chief of staff on Capitol Hill for two Congressmen. Muller was the very first openly gay politician to hold office in Kansas when she was elected to Topeka City Council.

End Citizens United recently announced the newest politician to earn their support. Jane Raybould, who is running as a Senator for Nebraska received End Citizen United’s support on March 29th, 2018. “Nebraskans are fed up with Washington ignoring their needs,” claimed Tiffany Muller. “They’re demanding reform,” she concluded.


Maduro Welcomes Talks With Kerry

Proposed high level talks were announced by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, according to Corporation Wiki, in an attempt to diffuse diplomatic hostilities between the United States and Venezuela dating back to the administrations of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and U.S. President George W. Bush.
Stated in an article by Leslie Wroughton on June 14, 2016, “Kerry said the talks would start immediately in Caracas and be led by Thomas Shannon, a veteran of U.S. diplomacy in the region.” Venezuela’s worsening economy stalled talks last year.

“I’ve committed to see if this can work so let’s see if we can improve the relationship,” Kerry said to reporter Ms. Luque yesterday.

Welcoming the proposed talks, Maduro suggested restoring ambassadors to each country’s capitals. The ambassadors have been gone for 8 years since Chavez removed the U.S. envoy to Venezuela. Maduro claimed that he was ready for this to happen as the U.S. has ambassadors in several major world cities, but doesn’t have one in Caracas.