Why Sleep Disorders should be Properly Diagnosed and Treated

Did you know that 90% of Sleep Disorder cases are not properly diagnosed and lead to bigger health problems? This is why Avi Weisfogel, CEO of Dental Sleep Masters, has dedicated his life to creating awareness on sleep apnea and how it adversely affects life if not treated.


A new medical research study has discovered a direct relation between sleep disorders and well-known ailments like cardiovascular complications, diabetes, and even stroke. While more and more patients are hospitalized because of these conditions, few of them suspect that the trigger was the countless nights they were unable to sleep well.


However, Dental Sleep Masters is a team of professional physicians who are creating awareness on this newly discovered correlation. They understand the dangers that many people face by living in oblivion and therefore organize medical camps to educate the masses about sleep apnea. Dental Sleep Master has partnered with a team of other sleep physicians to set up sleep labs to diagnose and successfully treat sleep disorders.


Avi Weisfogel himself tackles the problem of sleep apnea from a dental perspective. Through Dental Sleep Masters, he leads a team of fellow dental surgeons to help correct any dental deformities or irregularities that cause irregular sleep patterns in the victim. Dentists have the ability to diagnose sleep disorder issues by pointing out the evident symptoms like general body weakness, dry mouth due to open mouth breathing, morning headaches, and to a large extent, snoring.


Dental Sleep Masters are now joined by real sleep physicians to organize medical camps where they educate, diagnose, and treat people with sleep disorders. Avi and his team of volunteering doctors believe this is just the starting phase, and more sleep labs will be held in future as new treatment procedures are discovered in future.