Kisling Nestico & Redick Is Within The Giving Business

Kisling Nestico & Redick understand that they are within the teaching business. They have to provide their clients with the right knowledge to let them know why they are the best for them. They have to make sure that they are taking the right actions educating the right people on why their client should be awarded the right damages for the incidents that they were involved in.

Kisling Nestico & Redick understand that they must teach and that must teach effectively to serve all of the people within their community well.

Kisling Nestico & Redick have been hard at work conducting their proper teaching over the past few years and they are likely to continue and do a great job in teaching and serving their overall stakeholders. They know that they are not serving up traditional courses. They are acting within real life, as such, they have to go ahead and make a difference within the lives of their customers and within the lives of their overall community. They know that their courses are not linear, they are dynamic, they are evolving and progressing as the firm interacts with more clients and more people who need their help. They see how they can progress and provide more value within the community by donating their time and their money within the community.

They know that they cannot be static, they have to be active on a regular basis. The firm is in the business of getting to the truth and serving their clients properly.

The company will continue to engage in connection in every action that they take. They know that connection with their clients, with their community, with others, and tackling the real problems that are being faced by their peers and their customers is what makes them more valuable each and every single day.

They know that without proper connection, real value cannot be generated and thus everyone takes a hit. As such, Kisling Nestico & Redick will continue to connect and provide value to the overall community. They will give more than they get on a regular basis.

George Soros Extensive Giving to His Organization

It was recently reported of George Soros tremendous giving to his organization, Open Society Foundations. Over the past several years, he quietly gave funds costing over $18 billion dollars, and this knowledge was made public a few weeks ago. The Wall Street Journal first reported his organization’s donation figure. And as a result, the Open Society is known to be the second, biggest philanthropic organization, after the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation in the US. And in the coming years, Soros is expecting to give a minimum of $2 billion to his organization.

Soros is a major donor to the Democrats and their causes, and he is a billionaire, hedge fund manager. His organization was found over 30 years ago, and it promotes human rights and democracy in over 120 countries. Over the last few years, this organization increased attention in the United States by investing in programs that protect lesbians, gays, and the reduction of police abuse reduction.

Other situations this organization dealt with include the following: They gave funds to treatment centers when the Ebola outbreak occurred in 2014, to a center for Roma culture and art, and towards efforts in protecting the United States citizens from what is considered a hate incidents’ national wave that happened after the 2016 election. Soros then pledged $10 million to prevent such violence when the hate crimes subsided and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros & His Organization’s Beginnings

As a young boy, Soros passion for philanthropy was instilled. Growing up in Hungary where the Nazis occupied, he saw and endured the Budapest being under Communist rule. He then lived in London and then the US. He found success in the US on Wall Street. He then gained the famous nickname, “the man who broke the Bank of England” when making a $1 billion bet in 1992 against the British pound, and his aggressive currency pound selling drove the government into devaluing the pound.

After significant growth of his fortune, Soros started the first Open Society Foundation in 1984 in Hungary. He derived the name of his organization from the book, “Open Society and Its Enemies” by Karl Popper, the philosopher. This book argued for free expression, democratic governance, and the respect for people’s rights and Follow him

Soros gave his foundations annual donations for decades for approximately $800 to $900 million each year. His funding increased a few years ago partly as his estate planning.

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How Dick DeVos is of Benefit to Young Michigan Aviators

The West Michigan Aviation Academy has emerged as the premier flying school in Michigan. Founded by Dick and Betsy DeVos, its mission was to avail a meticulous all-round program in the aviation industry to aspiring aviators. This rigorous educational program is meant to prepare the students for limitless opportunities such as university achievement and career success. Since opening doors in 2010 at the Gerald Ford International Airport, the institution has nurtured the flying careers of hundreds of students.

The founding couple has always had a passion for flying. Starting the institution was therefore the best way of actualizing their dream of seeing more young people take up the vocation. The first batch of 80 students was accommodated in a modest renovated office. Development plans were put in place and this has seen the school register impressive growth. At the moment, it is one of the largest flying schools in Michigan. This impressive growth is attested to by the fact that during 2012-2014 academic year, more than 240 students were admitted. This impressive growth has led to spatial and curriculum expansion with WMAA currently having a capacity of 500 students.

Student Life

The school offers students an opportunity to learn in a friendly environment. Basically, it is meant for learners that have an interest in aviation alongside science, technology and engineering. Their interest is cultivated together with core values such as respect, belief and transparency. These are important values that DeVos himself stands for. Learning is tuition free since WMAA is one of the ways that DeVos uses to give back to the society. To make the learning experience more fulfilling, students are accorded the opportunity to undertake field trips and job shadows.

Due to the school’s vantage location, the young aviators have access to state-of-the-art airport facilities like the control tower, aircraft rescue, and airline and freight operations. This in essence is a hands-on learning approach. Life skills such as communication, decision making, team building, problem solving and critical thinking have also been incorporated in the curriculum to make graduates all round. In addition, it prepares them for their future careers. The founder has been part and parcel of the institution’s success and oversees its day to day operations.

Visit Dick DeVos LinkedIn account for more info.

Dick DeVos’ Philanthropy

The DeVos family is a prominent family within the Grand Rapids region of West Michigan. The family is not only known for success from the family business of Amway Corporation, but also from the many contributions that this family has made towards charitable organizations. The DeVos family, through their millions of dollars of contributions to their community has been labeled as one of the top philanthropy families in the United States. The current wealth of Richard DeVos of $5 billion has continuously put him on the Forbes Magazine list of wealthiest individuals in the United States. With the family’s extensive wealth and prestige, one of the biggest contributions this family makes is towards education.

The DeVos family currently operations three different education-oriented foundations. In addition to their foundations, the DeVos family continues to move money into socially conservative causes that push any decision in favor of education to the favor of the DeVos family. 

One member of the DeVos family is Dick DeVos who has involved himself with running the family business. Mr. DeVos has served Amway Corporation in many executive positions including the position of CEO. Mr. DeVos, like his father is a strong supporter of the education initiative. Unlike many politicians, Dick DeVos and his wife are firm believers that wealth is only the result of high productivity. Instead of giving the public money through welfare, Mr. DeVos believes that the opportunity to be productive should be what is offered. The opportunity to be successful is done through offering the opportunity of a higher level education. 

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, have created a charity organization of their own known as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation was founded with a purpose to build an even stronger community. The organization has helped to fund several endeavors such as the West Michigan Aviation Academy as well as the Education Freedom Fund. Both of these organizations are education oriented and give needy children scholarships through private schools.

Dick DeVos’ involvement in politics is what has made him an influential individual within his community. Mr. DeVos is known has a benefactor to his community and has done nothing but circulate wealth. Dick has a savvy business mind, and through his goal to help others, has created several beneficial organizations that will continue to help others. Dick DeVos and his wife have many plans for the future to come.