How Nitin Khanna Forms The Strategy For His Businesses

Forming a strategy for any company is not a task that you can take lightly. For Nitin Khanna, the CEO of MergerTech, it is something that requires a lot of consideration. The accomplished entrepreneur says that he has been successful in various companies because he approaches every situation with the mentality to get things done. He ensures that every strategy that he formulates is geared towards delivery and execution. In addition to that, he tries to be consistent with his ideas whether he is hiring people or working on various projects. Here are the other things that help him to form the best strategies.

Finding the right people to work with

For Nitin Khanna, a company cannot progress is it cannot find the right people to work on various project. Therefore, a good strategy is one that outlines how employees will be hired. You need to come up with a hiring policy that ensures that you get the best in the job market. In addition to that, he tries to train the people that he hires so that they understand the kind of working style and culture that he wants. Once they blend in, they become an important part of the company.

Making people to like the mission and vision

Coming up with a mission and vision statement is one thing, but making people to like it is a different story altogether. Nitin Khanna says that his companies often focus on making people understand what the statement entails. He says that once everyone likes the ideas that he presents, they will be more obliged to work within the strategy, and this means that the company will be more prosperous. A strategy is not just about a few aspects of the company; it should cover everything that happens every day.

Born in 1971 in India, Nitin Khanna already knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a tender age. Many of his family members were into business, and she had witnessed many transactions being carried out at home. Therefore, even though he studied engineering, he still found his way into entrepreneurship. He is currently the CEO of MergerTech, one of the companies that provide support for tech businesses.

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Forbes Ranks the Chainsmokers Number Two in Highest-Paid DJs

2018 has proven to be a prolific year for the signature EDM-pop band known as the Chainsmokers. This duo includes Drew Taggart who is just 28 years old, and Alex Pall who is 32. The group formed in New York City and quickly became noticed after releasing their 2014 club hit, “#Selfie”. Two years later the Chainsmokers released, “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya, as well as, “Closer” featuring Halsey. These EDM and future-bass pop hits gained them even more recognition across the globe, adding to their prominent success.

Last year’s album titled, “Memories…Do Not Open” ended up topping both national and international charts while reaching platinum status. The success from this album rolled over into 2018, making it a definite contributor to their #2 spot on Forbes, “The World’s Highest-Paid DJs Of 2018” list. The Chainsmokers were only preceded by Calvin Harris, and surpassed even Tiësto and David Guetta. The combined funds accumulated from their annual touring and music production equaled a grand total of $45.5 million in just 2018 alone. That’s just $2.5 million under their predecessor, Calvin Harris. With such a high amount of success in an active three-year time span, it is speculative as to whether they will stay at number two, or top the charts in 2019.

The Chainsmokers have introduced the world of EDM and trap music to mainstream listeners across the world with their upbeat yet meaningful tracks, and they continue to deliver with each hit that they release. If Taggart and Pall continue on this avenue of success, there’s no telling what 2019 could bring in terms of their wealth and prominence as a DJ and production force. If 2018 is any indication, their place on Forbes’, The World’s Highest-Paid DJs will either remain secure or move to the number one spot.

Successful Career of Lori Senecal

Creativity is not just a talent, but a behavior. Lori Senecal is one executive that has achieved a breakthrough in her career through innovation. She has gained fame for her ability to bring a revolution in the field of marketing and advertisement. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of CP+B, which was formerly the Global Executive firm. She has already brought notable developments in the firm through her significant contributions in its marketing strategies.


Being a titan in the field of advertisement, Lori Senecal has run more than two advertisement companies in the United States. She has gained a lot of fame for her ability to bring notable growth and development in the various firms that she has operated. She has striven to make her career success through the adoption of the use of unique approaches in her endeavors. Her ability to identify lucrative opportunities to venture into in the field of advertisement has also seen her gain a lot of fame. Her hard work has also seen her achieve success in her career. She believes that a dedicated entrepreneur falls high chances of achieving their goals. Her ability to share the idea with other people has also profoundly contributed to the notable innovation that she has brought into the field of advertising. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Due to her artistic nature, Lori Senecal has acquired a chance to work with some of the most prestigious companies in the world like CocaCola to help them develop their brand. She lives an exemplary life, and as a leader, Lori Senecal strives to portray good leadership skills throughout her career. The successes he has brought in all the firms that she has been serving has seen her receive a lot of accreditation from a significant number of people. She was named as one of the most influential women leaders in the world, and she has also appeared in a vast number of television channels through which she has shared her views and counsel concerning the field of advertisement. Her extensive understanding of the area is inspiring, and it has seen her emerge as one of the most sought out executives in the world. Check out


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Status Labs: Selecting The Best Online Reputation Management

Status Labs is a highly reliable online reputation management firm and has been rendering top quality services for many years. They work with CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities. Status Labs comes highly recommended because they perform outstanding service for every client. If you are having bad news or derogatory information on search engines results pages, you need to do something about it as soon as possible. Having complaints or negative reviews about your business can be very damaging and will have a huge negative impact on your business. Keep in mind that your search results will not change unless you take the right action. Status Labs can help.

In today’s technology driven society, information about you can easily accessed. Internet is the fastest, most popular way to search for information and Status Labs delivers high quality service in image Management. They have developed a strategy focused on providing excellent control of search results for a client or a company brand.

Generally speaking, your reputation or your company’s reputation is created and changed by what you do and what everyone says. Implementing an effective reputation management campaign online requires solid research and planning. It is critical that the Online Reputation Management identify issues, key players, and potential responses. The challenge with any online reputation management situation, is effectively targeting individuals or companies that need to be informed while avoiding attracting unnecessary attention from those that don’t.

From developing social media strategies, optimizing websites and running marketing campaigns to maximizing exposure through paid advertising to redesigning or building websites or offering advice on branding, you can rely on Status Labs to be there for you.

Status Labs has a team of talented Search Engineers and reputation management experts, with many years of experienced in the industry. These professionals have great expertise in building, repairing and maintaining online reputation. They use industry best practices and proprietary technology to suppress negative, inaccurate material, and push up positive information onto the first page one of Google. They will provide you with regular updates to track their progress. Their end goal is to make sure you look your absolute best when people search for you or your company online.

And Status Labs is ready to do that. Visit their website and take a look at their services and history, and contact them to see how they can help you meet your reputation management needs.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Journey

Everyone who is successful had to start somewhere. While many people look at the success of certain people and believe that they just became overnight achievers or just got lucky, the real story behind success is often a long journey that is filled with obstacles and even setbacks. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of those people who have overcame a lot of their struggles in order to reach the success that they are enjoying to this day. Her journey is one that is filled with her passion and since of purpose which is what propelled her to the level of success that she is enjoying to this day.

When Jennifer Walden has applied for medical school after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she was put on the waiting list. While that had to have been disappointing for her, she did not let it stop her. In her efforts of proving that she is a top choice for her field, she worked very hard and became a Salutatorian in her class. Afterwards, she started looking for an occupation that gave her the chance to utilize her creativity and her artistic passion. This is what got her seeking out cosmetic surgery. Another thing she liked about cosmetic surgery is that there are immediate results.

One passion that she has found is the desire to make people feel better about themselves. She specifically wanted female patients to feel better about their looks and who they are as people. She then started taking classes on plastic surgery at UT Galveston. Afterwards, she joined Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital under the aesthetic surgery fellowship program. They have only accepted one other person besides her. Her love of Manhattan has led her to spend about eight years in that city. She has started her own practice with the help of Sherrel Aston, her mentor.

Things have taken a slight turn for the better for Dr. Jennifer Walden. She wasn’t thinking about getting married or having kids while pursuing her career in her twenties and early thirties. When she reached her late thirties, she has found her desire to be a mother. Interestingly enough, she was not romantically interested in any men in her life. She instead had her children through IVF. After the birth of her children, she has chosen to return to Texas. She then started over and established her practice in Austin which gives her children the chance to be raised by family.