Can OSI Industries Handle The Demands of Today’s Food Industry

Everyone has to eat in order to survive whether you’re eating top-of-the-line cuisines or microwavable foods. It’s safe to say that the food industry won’t be going out of business any time soon and for good reasons. OSI Industries, one of the leaders in food manufacturing, has been on top of its game over the past few decades. The American-based food giant has at least five facilities in the US as well as 60 other facilities on the international market. Whether it’s value-added food solutions or its traditional goodies, this company has produced them all. OSI Industries has a resume of success, and the company can attest to this via its long list of satisfied clients. The company started with the production of meats. As consumer consumptions evolved, this meat market would transition into a wholesaler of foods. Learn more about OSI at

The year 2019 has caused the food industry to make another shift as the rise of plant-based foods has come into the picture. These alternative-bred foods are reported to be much healthier than many traditional foods, and they taste just as good. OSI has teamed with a newbie by the name of Impossible Foods. Despite being relative new to the game, Impossible Foods has one of the hottest products that hit the scene in 2019. The meteoric rise of the Impossible Burger has taken the public by surprise thanks to its meat-like taste. Yes, this plant-based product is a meatless burger. Since 2018, the Impossible Burger has been served in select markets to see how the public would react. Fortunately, the Impossible Burger was a hit.

Impossible Foods will utilize the production and processing strength of OSI Industries since OSI has the capability to mass-produce the burgers effortlessly. OSI Industries will certainly benefit by change as well as benefit by sales since the market is set to explode in growth over the next few years. Visit

OSI Group Has a New Food Processing Plant

OSI Group, which is a food processing company with headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, has recently purchased a food plant in Chicago, Illinois. The food plant that they have just acquired used to be a Tyson Foods plant. The newly acquired food plant is located near another OSI Group food plant in Geneva, Illinois. OSI Group acquired the plant to help the company continue to grow and continue to be one of the most successful food processing companies in the food industry. The company is one of the largest food companies in the food industry with food plants in a number of states including Illinois, California, Utah, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

When the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago closed, many workers lost their jobs. OSI Group has recently hired many of those workers. OSI Group is a company that strives to be the best food processing company that it can be. They hire employees who are hard working and who are interested in working in the food industry. When people are interested in the industry that they are working in, they are likely to try to do high-quality work. OSI Group tries to make a working environment for their employees that is challenging. They also try to make a working environment that is rewarding for their employees. OSI Group knows that having employees who do high-quality work could help make their company more successful.

OSI Group processes many different types of food products for their customers. They process pork products, which include bacon bits and bacon strips. They process beef products, which include beefsteak and beef burgers. They also process turkey products and poultry products. Some of the poultry products that they process include poultry strips, nuggets, and patties. They process pizza products, also. Some of the pizza products that they process include pizza, fresh dough, crusts, and pepperoni. In addition to meat products, OSI Group also processes fruit and vegetable products. Some of the vegetable products that they process include tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, and corn.

OSI Group is a food processing company that strives to continue to grow and expand. They purchased the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago to help them grow. They are a company that is known for delivering high-quality food processing services. They intend the food plant that they have just purchased, which is a food processing facility and a food storage warehouse, to help the company continue to grow and continue to deliver high-quality food processing services to their customers.

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OSI Group Saves Jobs in Chicago

OSI Group is an American based international food processing company servicing retail and food service industries. They are the number one supplier of processed meat for the food service industry, including a contract with McDonald’s to supply all of their beef.

They have recently expanded into Spain, and have been recognized by the British Safety Council. Although they have expanded into an international business, OSI Group has worked hard to keep jobs at home in America whenever possible. In supporting growth of their corporation, the group has also supported growth of communities.

OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois. In the summer of 2016, Tyson Foods announced that they would be closing their 200,000 square foot facility resulting in the loss of over 400 jobs. OSI leaped on the opportunity to have a facility in their own backyard.

The corporation purchased the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. At the time of the purchase, about 250 employees were still remaining at the Tyson plant. OSI Group offered employment to all of them, saving about half of the jobs from the original staff.

While obtaining the plant is undoubtedly good for OSI Group’s bottom line, it also made them heroes to the families that relied on those jobs for their well being. More jobs were added after the purchase of the plant, and today the facility is employing more people than the original Tyson Foods plant supported.

OSI Group doesn’t just provide jobs, they provide stability. Past and present employees of the company praise the wages and benefits, as well as the management staff. The overall result is a solid contribution to the community, the state, and the country. OSI Group will continue to expand in the future, and is one of the most ethical in a world of fast growing international companies based in the US.

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OSI Food Solutions: How to Build a Meat Empire for Dummies

Meat is on the rise. Fad diets, new scientific studies, and increased production leading to decreased cost has made meat the dominant food industry. With all of these people craving meat, how are companies meeting the demand? Well, one company based out of Illinois in the United States, is doing more than meeting the demand. OSI Food Solutions is building a meat empire.

Before OSI Food Solutions focuses on production or acquisitions — both of which it is a master at — OSI has a strong focus on safety. OSI won the 2016 Globe of Honor for Safety from the British Safety Council. This award isn’t easy to come by. To even be entered to win, the British Safety Council has to give you a perfect 5 stars during inspections. OSI scooped up the award from hundreds of competitors and hangs it proudly. OSI has been focused on safety for years before it was even a regulatory issue. OSI has safety inspections in and out of house, spends millions on safety training, and even has safety seminars at most of their 60 + factories.

Safety is important, but production is king when you are looking to satisfy so many hungry mouths. Production is a word that OSI Food Solutions is no stranger to. OSI has been rapidly ramping up construction recently. Recently, OSI purchased a food plant from Tyson in Chicago. This $7.4 million deal will see OSI massively increase Chicago production. But that production won’t only be chicken, OSI has equipped the factory to produce all forms of meat including pork and beef.

On the other side of the water, OSI made a massive upgrade to its Toledo, Spain factory. Massive is an understatement. The Toledo factory now produces an astounding 24,000 tons of chicken every year, almost double the 12,000 it was producing pre-upgrade. This became a necessity as Spain has been rapidly growing their chicken consumption habits over the years.

OSI Food Solutions is showing that safety and production may be two of the most important factors in the meat industry. The company which started out in 1909 in Illinois now bolsters a couple hundred thousand employees. An impressive number given their humble beginnings. If you were going to write a book for the Dummies series titled “How to Build a Meat Empire for Dummies” OSI Food Solutions could act as your one and only citation.



OSI Food Solutions is an American private food company that processes meat. It was founded in 1909 in Chicago. Its headquarters are in Aurora Illinois in America. The company is headed by Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer. OSI Food Solutions is a premier world leading food provider and supplier. It has a global food supply network with not less than 65 factories and has employed more than 20000 employees in its outlets in 17 countries around the globe. It deals with products such as pizza, poultry, meat patties, pork, fish, bacon, vegetables, hot dogs, and dough products.

OSI Food Solutions is in Americas top 100 food companies. For instance, in 2016 it was number 58 on largest privately-owned companies list by the Forbes. This is because it had a net worth of $6.1 billion. In 2016 OSI group was awarded a very prestigious award by the British safety council. The award is known as the globe of honor award. The award was given at an awards luncheon at Drapers Hall in London. The award was given for the tremendous extemporary management of risks in the environment. It was presented the award with 18 other companies who have been able to manage their businesses without destroying the environment.

The award is the world’s most prestigious for environmental management. It had also won the award in 2013 and 2015.Increased demand for OSI products has led to doubling of the production capacity of chicken and other products. This was done to its facility in Toledo Spain. Production has increased from 12000 tonnes annually to 24000 tonnes. This has also created an additional 20 jobs to the existing 140. Due to its quality products.

OSI has seen a tremendous increase in its customers. This has brought forth the need for expansion to meet the customers evolving needs. This led to the group purchasing another food processing plant facility and a storage warehouse which was formerly owned by Tyson foods in Chicago which is near OSI headquarters in Illinois. OSI Food Solutions also purchased a high stake in Baho food which is a food processing company with operations in Netherlands and Germany. This has helped increase its network and presence in Europe. OSI group has also acquired a food supplier called flagship Europe which is owned by the flagship food group in the United Kingdom. This has helped a great way in expanding its base and presence in Europe.

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OSI Group’s Advanced Operations

Conducting business on a daily basis can be very time consuming. Serving hundreds of thousands or millions of people can be a daunting task for any organization. When it comes to the foods ervice industry, these rough estimates actually represent the actual amount of people that receive services from foodservice providers. Staying organized can sometimes be easier said than done. Foodservice providers deliver food products all over the globe, but all foodservice providers aren’t the same. When it comes to the best of the best, there is one company that stands-out from the pack.

OSI Group, a global food provider, is at the top of the field thanks to its brilliance. This is one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S. Whether you label the foods as concept-to-table solutions, or you label the foods as custom-food solutions, OSI Group provides some of the best options. Did you know that many of the items on restaurant menus are custom foods? Yes, this is correct and by manipulating the ingredients, custom-food providers can create an all-new product. This is just one of the many great features that this company specializes in. “What standard foods are being offered by OSI Group?”

• Panini

• Flatbread

• Pizza

• Fresh Dough Products

• Desserts

• Hotdogs

• Fritters

• Fruits

• Soups

• Cucumbers

• Steak

• Chicken Fried Steak

• Poultry Products

• And more

OSI Group has plenty of safety measures in place, which provides the clients with assurance. This exceptional team of experts has implemented numerous safety features into the program such as stringent testing, annual audits, sensory evaluation, raw material monitoring and many more safety features. Of course, this small amount of information isn’t explaining half of what this amazing company has to offer, but hopefully you should have a better understanding of what to expect.

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Sheldon Lavin Is A Visionary Of Food Manufacturing

Sheldon Levin began his business career in the banking industry. He was an investor with his own consulting firm. His background does not suggest that he would become one of the most influential persons in the history of food manufacturing. However, Sheldon Lavin continues to lead his organization and make the kind of decisions that affect the entire landscape of his chosen industry. He is currently OSI Group’s CEO. OSI Group is the largest meat manufacturer in the world with plants in the Asia-Pacific, the Americas and European region.

Sheldon Lavin first became involved with OSI Group when it was known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons was a family-owned organization that began as a meat market in the early 1900s. Its founder ran the business with his sons and developed the company over the decades. It became a premier distributor of meat products in the Chicago area. Otto and Sons formed a relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation when Ray Kroc was looking to spread his restaurant chain into the Illinois region. Kroc needed a meat manufacturer that he could count on for the area and chose Otto and Sons for the job.

Over the years Otto and Sons set themselves apart from the other meat manufacturers that McDonald’s was using. They were eventually chosen by the leaders at the McDonald’s Corporation to be the sole provider of meat for the entire McDonald’s Empire. The company would need a new processing plant to support such a business venture. However, the founders of Otto and Sons did not have the funding for the facility. Sheldon Lavin was brought in as a consultant, and to oversee the financial aspect of building a new plant. As he continued to work with the company Sheldon was requested by the McDonald’s Corporation to be more and more involved with the transactions. Lavin agreed to become a partner only if he would have equal say in the decisions like the other owners of the organization.

Sheldon Lavin eventually became a full-time partner with Otto and Sons. The company started making overseas investments under Lavin’s leadership. The original founders settled into retirement and sold their interests to Sheldon Lavin. At this point he became the primary visionary of Otto and Sons, which then became known as OSI Group.

OSI Group has developed an international clientele for its product. The company has contracts with several other major restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway. It has a diverse hiring practices that allows it to maintain a staff of over 20,000 employees.


OSI Food Solutions Is An Award Winning Business Providing Excellent Futures To Their Employees

OSI Food Solutions United Kingdom has been honored by the British Safety Council with the 2016 Globe of Honour Award. This was in recognition of their exemplary management regarding any risks to the environment. The award was presented in London during a special Awards luncheon. There were only eighteen organizations in the world presented with this award due to their excellence demonstrated in environmental management.

To be eligible for the competition for the Globe of Honour, the organization had to have first achieved the British Safety Council’s five star ranking for environmental management from August of 2015 through July of 2016. An independent panel must additionally recognize these organizations environmental management excellence from the floor of the shop to the boardroom.

As the British Safety Council’s Chair, Lynda Armstrong OBE personally congratulated OSI Food Solutions UK on their achievements. She said the Globe of Honour was an award of prestige honoring companies for showing excellent management regarding environmental risks. She spoke of the integrated approach used concerning safety, health and environmental protection to make operations much more sustainable.

As the British Safety Council’s Chief Executive, Mike Robinson presented the prestigious award to Kelly Grimwood, the European Environmental Manager for OSI Food Solutions. He said it takes leadership capabilities to achieve excellence. He added a business can legislate to achieve compliance, but people must be inspired to achieve excellence. He felt the Globe of Honour Awards winners exemplified the best practice, and have experienced remarkable journeys to achieve their accolades.

The OSI Scunthorpe production location began operating in the United Kingdom in 1989. They produce the pork and beef products required by the restaurant industry. In 2013 and 2015, they were also awarded the Globe of Honour.

OSI is the representation of an extremely large and privately-owned food processing company. Instead of turning into a corporate behemoth, they continue operating with the entrepreneurial spirit present a hundred years ago when Otto Kolschowsky decided a better way to market meat must exist. OSI is constantly looking for women and men who believe every person can make a difference. They believe their future is dependent on attracting the world’s brightest individuals. The company encourages and supports their employees because they want them to reach their full potential.

OSI is looking for recent graduates trying to find their first job, professionals with experience, and anyone who believes they can find success in a company that is constantly growing. This equal opportunity employer offers individuals a bright future.

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David McDonald is A Man of Simplicity & Passion

David McDonald is the kind of man who feels passionate about few things. He is a simple man who loves his family, his hometown, and his White Sox. There is one thing that McDonald is passionate about though, and that is high quality, value added proteins and other commodity food products to leading distributors and end market retailers all over the world. As such he is in a perfect position as president of the OSI Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of such protein based food products.

The products that are offered by OSI range from sausage links to beef patties and everything in between. There is also a growing business in meat alternative for markets such as India, Indonesia, and the middle east. The company is privately held and currently operates more than 50 facilities in 17 countries with two more facilities opening in china in the next year. Not a bad place to be for a company that started as Otto & Sons Meats in the late 60’s and was for the longest time the biggest supplier of beef patties exclusively to McDonald’s Systems for use in their signature Quarter Pounder and Big Mac Sandwiches.

There are other things that matter to McDonald though, his family being at the top of that list. He also feels very strong in his desire to help make the world a better place through his extensive work with non-profits and other philanthropic endeavors. He is still an avid supporter of Iowa State University, where he got his Bachelors of Science in Business in 1987. He is a member of Alpha Gamma Ro and is still active in the organization, helping to foster a sense of purpose and achievement in the next generation of leaders that will come forth from its stories and prestigious ranks.

He is a leader with an extensive background of success, being recruited directly into the position of OSI president from his time at Iowa State. Even to this day is passionate about a spirit of growth and engagement to the challenges of the future. It is in that philosophy that he strives to make OSI better every single day to learn more about us: click here.

David McDonald is a man who enjoys simple pleasures, but maintains an undying passion for his industry, and for helping others to be their best. He is a great example of a leader who knows how to stay grounded, even when success has lifted him up high.