George Finch- World Renowned Surgeon

According to Coastal Orthopedics , a sports medicine and pain management company, the most common orthopedic surgeries are total joint replacement, total shoulder replacement, and spine surgery.

Patients who seek a total joint replacement surgery are usually people who were previously diagnosed with arthritis, or some other condition that causes severe damage to joints. During the procedure the entire joint is replaced by a metal or plastic prosthesis. The joint replacement is meant to replicate the movement of the original joint and relieve patient of the pain they had prior to the procedure.

Total Shoulder replacement is basically another form of the total joint replacement as the procedure requires the replacement of the entire shoulder joint. Just like the total joint replacement, during a total shoulder replacement surgery the shoulder joint is replaced by a metal or plastic prosthesis. The surgery helps patients relieve the pain prior to the procedure.

Spine surgery is different from the first two procedures. The most common type of spinal surgery, spinal fusion, does not require any bones or joint to be replaced. Instead the surgery joins spinal bones together, restricting movement between bones in the spine. This limits the stretching of the nerves, and as a result reducing pain.

Greg Finch is a Australian Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spinal procedures. He is a FRACS certified surgeon, who has worked with the leaders in spinal surgery in many countries across the globe. Finch is trained for all major spinal procedures has a specific interest in minimal invasive spine surgeries.

Finch works at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in Borderim, Queensland. Not only is he a member of the Spine Society of Australia but he is also apart of the North American Spine Society, making him a world renowned surgeon.