Article Title: The RealReal growth in consignment movement of luxury items

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The RealReal is a company which specialises in selling second-hand luxury items. It is located in San Francisco. These luxury items include clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery. The company has grown rapidly over the demand for second-hand items from their customers. Despite specialising in second-hand items, the company has been able to feature fashionable and authentic items for their clients. The company has provided a platform where the customers can rent, buy and resell their products. The company is set to open more stores and new strategies.

The RealReal basically extends the cycle of items in the fashion industry. Luxury items which have already finished their primary lifecycle are able to be extended in order to fill the gap in the market. Resale of items is a strategy which is growing bigger globally. Most of the women who spend money on clothes are likely to opt to shop from the second-hand stores. This way, they also get a variety of great products.

One major advantage of reselling products is promoting less carbon footprint. When an item’s lifecycle has been extended, the product is likely to be bought as a second-hand and this reduces the carbon footprint and waste in the environment. The company is also able to give their customers opportunities to style up their wardrobe with luxury items at a more affordable price.

Companies like the RealReal are estimated to grow fast and leave behind fashion and departmental stores. The idea of selling old goods is effective in making room for new products in the market. The biggest consumers of the products are women. Keeping up with the new style can be quite challenging. The RealReal had provided a platform where the rich can dispose what they no longer need and give the items to the market which does not have.

Their Instagram page is very lively with authentic and beautifully posted photos. They have a great customer care service. People looking to buying, renting or selling can contact them on social media to communicate with the company personally. The company is built on trust and great customer satisfaction.

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