Fashion Speeding on the Highway

Fashion in JustFab is the other God of the present era. The outlook of a person should be the translation of the personality hidden within and this is where fashion steps in. The weirdest part, however, is the progress it is making and the way it is infusing religiously into every aspect of our life. In the month of March 2016 on, Jaxmotech from Germany announced a breakthrough for all who love earphones, pretty much eighty percent of the world, by adorning the cords with beads to give them a jewelry look.

Have you ever dressed up as chic on as possible and then bobbed your head along to music, with headphones dangling from your ears and looking really out of place with all your designer, carefully selected jewelry? We have all been there, we all know the struggle. Jaxmotech must too, for his own “One Fashion” earphones are actually made up of beads strung together, in all kinds of colors for all kinds of your outfits, and appear, at a single glance, to be actually necklaces hanging around your neck. Now that’s some news, isn’t it? Take a peek at the development here:

The thing about jewelry, however, is that no matter how beautiful it is, it looks useless without the right attire, the right kind of accessories and exactly the right shoes. There is a huge market out there, especially for females, and narrowing the search down is no easy task. JustFab brings together a huge assortment to get into the competition raging on and making choices easier, and so far, it seems to be doing a good job. Since its birth in 2010, JustFab has combined the various departments of fashion including a department for kids’ wear called the FabKids, a whole planet of shoes called the ShoeDazzle, a Hudson-inspired line of gym clothes called the Fabletics and finally, the brand of JustFab itself. Having spread all over the world in such a short span of time, JustFab brings the advantage of being customized by the celebrities themselves and then selling the products at affordable costs. The membership, furthermore, allows astounding offers to be availed, having attracted over a 30 million people from across the globe. The offers are mouth watering: allowing a free purchase on one that you pay for; getting shipments free of cost; heavy discounts and so much more.

JustFab, therefore, is one of those brands that would help you make your look compatible with any kind of jewelry you want to. The huge collection of all kinds of clothes and fabrics, be they denim or not, combined with all kinds of shoes, heels or flats, allow you the perfect opportunity to dress up exactly like you want to.

The New Visual Search Shopping Advantage

An article recently appeared in MIT Technology Review about visual search technology. The article explored the emergence of Visual search technology as a way to improve shopping online. Image recognition software has changed the way that the consumer shops online. This is very advantageous to the shopper and the retailer. A number of sites are now incorporating the visual search technology into their websites. For example, Pinterest is one of the first to embrace this new technology on their site. Experts suggest that the deep learning process helps visual search technology succeed, where it failed in the past.

Slyce is a leader in visual search technology. This is the new technology that is rapidly replacing the way that people shop online. The technology is destined to change the way that people shop and the way that they use the Internet. They make it possible for a retailer to market to people via their mobile device or desktop over the Internet. A retailer’s customer is able to visually search for the product that they want. The search also returns alternative products that are closely related to the searched product. Thus, increasing the odds that the customer will make a purchase and that the retailer does not lose a sale.

There is a very good reason why Slyce is a leader in the field of visual search technology. This is due to their using the best technology that is available today. Slyce uses advanced technology that allows them to integrate the entire search. The customer finds an interesting product, they are able to scan bar-codes or coupons, and make the purchase. This is a remarkable technology that is designed to maximize profits for retailers and make shopping a simple process for the consumer. Slyce is more than nice. Slyce technology is the solution to maximizing profits.

A Handy Option

I hate cleaning, and it is a problem. Most people dream of riches for big cars and fancy homes, I just wanted a maid, or even a butler would do because I do not want to seem sexist. Honestly, I do not care who cleans as long as it is not me. I grew up with brothers and friends that knew that if they cleaned, I would cook all day. I would have many friends over, and they all also knew that this was okay as long as they cleaned first. I had a virtual club or arcade in college and my bachelor years. The only difference is the cost of attendance was cleaning. After I got my first real job, the internet was becoming central in everyone’s lives, and I was able to find cleaners in all kinds of new ways. However, the issues were the same. You never knew who the company was sending.

Even worse, if you did not utilize one of these established companies , you really have no idea who is coming into your home both when you are there, and when you are out and want to have your home cleaned in the mean while. Hiring someone personally is really hiring a phantom because if there any issues like stealing, there is no recourse and no real way to know the person’s identity that is in your home. Now that I am an adult, I have no problem cleaning, but my place is large, and I have to entertain often as a cost of doing business. So in some ways, my home is also my place of business, and it has to be in top order. I cannot achieve that in any reasonable amount of time. This is especially the case after a night of entertaining. Cleaning, breaking things down and storing them again simply is too much to achieve for one person. I have help removing items that I put in especially for the event, but hiring cleaners saves so much time in spite of the issues of utilizing these companies.

They charge me more knowing that I have events than they would when cleaning the house normally if it were in this condition. I utilized separate companies, but they all found out that they could get more money if an event was involved. I have now been able to fire them all. I utilize an app called Handy. It allows me to schedule help at any time, and their rates are steady and do not change when the word event is involved. Additionally, these people are their own contractors, and I can respect that. They are respectful and hardworking because they are working for themselves. This makes them personally invested in doing a good job. I find it far superior to any cleaning service out there because of the platform’s versatility. I pay rates commiserate with experience, and they come when I hit them on the app and schedule. Additionally, I pay through the app, so cash is not changing hands.

Excelling in Online Reputation Management

An overwhelming majority of consumers read online reviews to establish the quality of local businesses. A similar percentage of the consumers who are impressed by the positive online reviews of companies are lured into trusting the brands. You cannot please all the people all times but it is imperative to monitor the online public opinion about your business and manage it. The following the basic steps for online reputation management
Monitor Your Own Profile
You have to monitor your online reputation since there are propagandist and cut-throat competitors on the internet. You can notice the absence of a common industry review website from your list of referral traffic. You may notice a suddenly drop of your company reviews in a sites. If so, chances are that a negative review could have triggered the sudden traffic drop. Tools like ReviewPush enables multi-site monitoring with notifications and email alerts to always update you with your online reviews.
Monitor Industry Review Sites
Monitoring your company reviews on search engines only is not enough. You need to narrow down your search to specific sites and the social media. When searching for online companies, you should include specific recommendation since there are an ocean of products and services available on the internet.
Responding Without Confrontation
Negative online reviews are inevitable but what matters is how you handle them. The best approach to address negative reviews is through an instant online response that asks the maligning reviewer to get in touch with you at their convenience. When the reviewer gets in touch, you can solve the issue offline or privately. One should also be sensitive with his or her response tone.
Incentivizing Satisfied Reviewers
Most clients who are satisfied with a product never post their reviews. It is the aggravated clients who are more like to vent their anger on the internet. You can consolidate your position by targeting your best clients and incentivize them. The incentives can be in form of service discounts or free products.
Darius Fisher is a British entrepreneur, film producer, filmmaker and visual effects engineer. He is well known for his award-winning films like Bhutto, Fuel, The Aviator, The Big Fix and Avatar. Fisher is the founder of Digital Neural Axis and President of Status Labs. Status Labs is a leading online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing firm. Status Labs has offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paulo.