The One Direction Life After Zayn Malik

Fans that have not seem the group perform after Zayn left are still wondering how One Direction could possibly go on with him. The crew recently had this question come up in an interview, and they said that everything is still the same since Malik left.

This is obviously referring to their presence on the stage. It has become something that has challenged the group mentally though. There are lots of thoughts from fans about whether the group can – or should – stay together. The Twitter buzz about all the solo music that Zayn is getting ready has certainly affected the group. Now there is talk about everyone in the group doing solo projects. It is a plan that they will come back together, but that may not go as well if they actually separate.

Right now the group is still on tour. Keith Mann says they just released an album at the end of last year. It only makes sense for the group to continue touring right now. What most people are debating about is whether this group is going to go on with such a major piece of their buzz is missing. The rest of the group has had to take up the leads that were previously sung by Zayn. The world has seen a lot of groups fall apart, but right now One Direction is still going strong and continuing to appease fans.