NutriMost Sues Over Stealing Of Promotional Video

NutriMost, one of the nation’s fastest growing lifestyle diet is suing a rival company for unauthorized use of one of NutriMost’s promotional videos. The promotional video in question was used by the company Healthy Living for several months and appears to be taken off of the Healthy Living website. NutriMost did send a “cease and desist” letter through their lawyer in September to Healthy Living before resorting to legal action.

When viewed by the court, the video was the exact same as the one used for promoting NutriMost except the saying “NutriMost” was replaced by the words “Can’t Lose Diet”. Even the testimonials of NutriMost patients were left in the video. This included the testimonial of NutriMost founder, Dr. Ray Wisniewski. The NutriMost company is seeking to ban any further broadcasts of NutriMost promotional items by Healthy Living and a judgement of 300,000.00 dollars for damages to the NutriMost name and reputation.

NutriMost is a unique weight loss program designed for long term lifestyle change. The initial stage involves meeting with a NutriMost doctor for a body composition scan. The scan is painless and will show any health issues involved in impeding weight loss. The scan also measures body mass index, fat and water percentage.

After the scan is complete, the doctor will go over the results and formulate a list of foods that will help the patient lose weight initially and keep it off for the long term. There are no special diets, pills, increased exercise, or prepackaged foods to purchase. This plan is customized per patient and for long term weight maintenance. Patients using the NutriMost system will continue to be seen by the Doctor during the time the patient is on the program. NutriMost can also be repeated by the patient for even greater weight loss.

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