Norka Luque is the Music Sensation That Was Found By Accident

Norka Luque is becoming a household name for her beautiful voice and faith based lyrics. The gorgeous girl came from good stock and she was always encouraged by her parents to use her musical abilities for good. In fact, they believed that she had music in her soul, so they got her both vocal and musical lessons at a very young age. Born in 1986, she is from the South American nation of Venezuela, and Caracas is her birth city. When she graduated from high school, she moved to France to study Business Administration. She graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts as well as Marketing. While she had degrees and titles, what she really longed to be was a singer.


Since Norka  was in the European community, she tried her luck with local bands in the area. She toured many cities and became a highly sought after voice as she traveled. During a stint in Miami, Florida, she ran into music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. Back in 2008, she was still very new to the music industry and was looking for her way in. Estefan immediately saw something special in her, and he signed her for a deal.


She recently released an album entitled “Tomorrowland.” Though Estefan is no longer her manager, he still supports her to strive for bigger and better things. What so many notice about this young star is that her lyrics are quite different. She is not singing about depressing subjects, rather, she wants to encourage others. Some have said she has the voice of an angel. She wants to be a positive influence on the music world, and it appears that she has already made a huge impact.


In 2012, the Latino Show Magazine did an exclusive story about her. They brought special attention to the song Milagro. The message in this song is positive and needed for those who are facing a personal crisis. It gives hope when there may be none left. While most pop singers are using lyrics that talk about their boyfriend/girlfriend leaving, hating their life, and being broke, Lupe’s songs are inspirational. She tends to talk about faith and hope. Being such an encouraging force in a negative world is hard, but she manages to motivate those around her. She’s still rather new in the music industry, but if the past couple years mean anything, it shows this girl is going places.