NGP VAN: Transforming the Campaigning Season

This year, midterm elections will be held in the United States. The positions that will be opened range from the Senate down to the lowest official that can be elected. As a result, both the Republican and the Democrat Party are actively campaigning all across the United States to get the most number of votes for their candidates to win. However, campaigning in the United States is a tiring activity. Imagine going from one city to the other, with limited time, trying to convince the people who they would have to vote for. The United States is vast, being one of the largest countries on the planet, and campaign managers are wasting their time and effort by going house to house, just to be rejected by the homeowners. This scenario has been taken advantage of a tech startup called NGP VAN. After realizing the problems that can be encountered during the campaign period, the startup developed an application that will help the campaigners maximize their time and effort for a sure vote.

NGP VAN developed the MiniVan, a mobile application that can be downloaded on AppStore and GooglePlay. Using it would help the campaigners identify the political affiliations of each home in a particular neighborhood. They would no longer need to do a house to house visit, just for them to waste their time. In the United States, people have already decided on which party they would be voting. If a campaigner used the MiniVan application, the neighborhood would be informed about the presence of the campaigners, and a few questions will be asked. Once the residents replied to the messages that would appear on their mobile phones, a real-time tally would start to count the number of people who are willing to accept the campaigners inside their homes. Their political affiliation will be displayed, so there would be no need for an opposing party to visit the house of a self-identified supporter of their rival party.

According to the campaigners, using the MiniVan application has saved them money and time. In the past, they would spend hours to convince everyone in a neighborhood who they would have to vote. Now, they could do it in just a simple touch. Another thing that they pointed out is that they use less paper than previous elections, and because MiniVan could send information in an instant, all of the candidate’s platforms are just converted into text and sent to the people around the neighborhood.