Detailed Combinations Of Colors From Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design uses bright colors and bold patterns when creating accessories for homes and businesses. There is a natural beauty seen in many of the accessories that are designed instead of an intense shine that is often found with modern accessories. Richard Mishaan Design accessories feature neutral colors that blend well with other decorations, such as blue, beige and various shades of red.


A favorite project is the Tribeca residence that Richard Mishaan Design has worked on designing. The textures on everything from storage containers to decorative end pieces for side tables or a coffee table are simply mesmerizing, giving a contemporary quality to the entire home. There is an even blend of neutral and brighter colors that brings life from the Richard Mishaan Design firm. This is a favorite project because of the shades of purple and the cooler colors that are used on the paintings hanging over the couch and the striking colors that are used in the painting over the dining room table.


Perhaps a favorite part of the Richard Mishaan Design Tribeca project is the office. The large window at the desk would allow for natural light to settle into the room while working. The yellow color of the desk stands out among the darker wood of the shelves and floor, enticing someone to sit and work. The office is a comforting setting that appears relaxing and inviting. Another room in the home that is a favorite is the kitchen as Richard Mishaan Design uses brighter colors for the counters and floor. The modern design of the stools at the bar is remarkable as it offers just enough shine in the room.


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