Niranjan Shah and Many Others Join Ready for Hillary

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate. In 2008, he was an early backer of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Now, he is ready to throw his support to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He and fellow democrats, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, will headline the Ready for Hillary fundraiser. The pro-Clinton super PAC is running grass-roots support for Clinton’s potential presidential run. These three political powerhouses are listed as guests at the June 5th reception in Chicago, which is hosted by several Obama donors.

 The high-dollar fundraiser highlights the early support for Hillary Clinton from Obama’s political circles. It is good to see them support Hillary, while Vice President Biden thinks about making a presidential run as well. Jim Messina, Jeremy Bird and Mitch Stewart are Senior staffers for Obama and are advising the Super PACs. Two other Democrats, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Claire McCaskill of Missouri, were early supporters of Obama and have already agreed to join Ready for Hillary. The third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York endorsed Hillary on a visit to Iowa.

Senator Dick Durbin was with Obama since he ran against Clinton in 2008. Emanuel was a political advisor for Bill Clinton and chief of staff for Obama. He endorsed Hillary Clinton. Madigan served in Illinois state legislature with Obama and quickly became a rising star.

The Chicago reception is selling tickets at a steakhouse called Phil Stefani’s for $1,000 a seat. This will be the biggest fundraiser for Ready for Hillary. The grass-roots tickets are about $20. Laura Ricketts, a co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, will be a co-host and donated a lot to Obama. Her Father Peter Ricketts who founded Ameritrade funds the GOP. Her brother Peter, won the GOP governor nomination for Nebraska.

Other Obama supporters that will host the committee include Jewish leaders Andrea and Alan Solow and political strategist Kevin Conlon. There are many philanthropists and democratic donors going and Niranjan Shah is one of them. He is a successful entrepreneur and democratic donor that is always looking for ways to give back to the community.

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