EOS Lip Balm – Crystal Clear and Triangular

Evolution of Smooth Lip balms have done it again. While they are a fan favorite for their fun sphere shaped balls of balm they recently switched up their packaging a bit. Don’t worry, the whole product line has not turned triangular, only the new crystal balms feature this new shape. Those who still adore the fun round shape will not have to adjust to a slightly triangular shape, but those who want to try the new crystal balm will enjoy the new jewel appearance.

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EOS lip balms crystal clear balms are available in two fun flavors, click on this. Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach are the two new clear flavors for balm lovers to try. These fun new flavors retail for about $5 and are available in all big box stores and drug stores across the United States. EOS addicts can also find these new flavors for sale directly on the EOS website and other online websites that carry beauty basics. View more products here on costco.ca.

Staying true to their natural composition, the new crystal line of balm is packed with all of the vitamins and minerals that EOS users love. These new crystal balms contain five essential oils, avocado oil, shea butter and coconut oil. These new balms are gluten free and vegan.

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