The World’s Most Dangerous Hairstyle

Last month, numerous news outlets covered the study of how dangerous, unsafe, and unfair certain nail salons can be for employees. Newscasts that covered the exposé went further down the rabbit hole to uncover other harsh work conditions in the beauty field. Hair stylists who were interviewed for the expose were asked what the main unsafe conditions were. One stylist reported that she would often burn her hand in one particular spot in the salon. Because she isn’t the owner of the salon, she had no clout and getting it removed. Another hair stylist mentioned developing asthma and having coughing fits due to the mixing of chemicals and hairspray. These dangers can be much more dangerous for stylists who cater to African American women and African American women in general. Much of the harsh chemicals found in hair treatments are causing ovarian and uterine fibrosis as well as other reproductive diseases. Unfortunately, there is no organization set in place to protect the hair stylists under these attacks. The Occupational Health Network can only do so much for the profession. Hair stylists work on tips and commission which make the industry much harder to regulate and counteract claims like these. Hair stylists are pleading with the public to be made aware of these dangers. Boraie Development noted that even if there are federal agencies who can help, pressure from the public could sway hair salon owners to provide safer and fairer working conditions.