A case study in excellence – Michel Terpin.

The 25th edition of the Brazilian spectacular Sertões Rally so an increased number of Teams taking place. This was a reflection of the ever-increasing appreciation of the rising status of Brazil as a sporting destination. The number 0f international participants was also noticeable meaning even native Brazilians would be seeing increased competition in all the races. For them, it was a good thing as it meant more exposure as well as increased visibility for what they were capable of on a global stage.

The T1 prototype category would see the return of the Bull Sertões Rally Team. This is a team that has been competing in this category for a number of years.

The team which was the brainchild of Michel and Rodrigo has been very visible in the category. They drive the T-Rex sometimes branded in bright orange. The edition saw them being paired in different cars where Michel Terpin was onboard #322. The #322 was under the capable hands of Michel Terpin and Maykel Justo his navigator. Maykel Justo was brought on the team to help in navigating the nine hundred and ninety-nine kilometers of terrain that is considered special in rallying terms. The overall rally covered a distance of more than three thousand kilometers. This was no mean feat to complete as the enter circuit went through three different states in Brazil. The organizers had vetted the route and we’re sure it would provide fair challenge weeding out some but ensuring only the best could pull through. The #322 went through the first stage in quite the record time coming in at position one. This was not by luck or chance as it was proved in the second stage where they emerged first again. The third stage, however, proved challenging as the car faced a myriad of challenges when the car developed a gearbox problem which slowed the team down completely. The team however still proved to be up to the challenge and were able to steer the T-Rex even with a broken gearbox and complete the stage. The team would later comment on the challenges faced and there aspirations going forward.