De-clutter Your Inbox With Unroll Me

One of the troubles of email is receiving flooded with unsolicited messages like notifications from social media accounts, special offers, flight deals, coupons, and a lot more. Although we do not really want those, free offers are still free offers and most often we still want to read it, we just want it out of our inbox. With the app called Unroll Me, there is a better way on how to manage these unsolicited mails and read it in the future. 

What Is Unroll Me?

The Unroll Me app is a simple organization tool that enables you to take control of gray emails. These are emails that you do not really want but at times might be useful. Gray emails are usually from subscriptions services and most often clutter in your inbox and distracting you from focusing on more meaningful email. It is a free email service that combines subscription emails, newsletters, and other gray emails.

With Unroll Me, instead of getting 100 emails, you only get to see one summary email on your inbox. It keeps your inbox organized, de-cluttered, and enables you to see more meaningful messages. Interestingly, getting this free app is free and the controls to organize your inbox are insanely easy. 

How Unroll Me Works

To get this free web service app, you just have to go to the official website of the app and sign up there. This is to activate the email address where you want to use the app and allow Unroll Me to access it. The app works well with Google Apps Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Windows Live, MSN, and AOL mail.

The Unroll Me app analyzes the messages coming in your email account. It also searches for subscriptions and brings to your attention everything that it discovers and allows you to do something about it through three options. Unroll Me enables you to either keep the email in your inbox, unsubscribe from the email, or move the email to Unroll Me Rollup. It also allows you to schedule when you can receive the emails that you moved to Rollup.

You can get these emails either in the morning, midday or at night. Interestingly, you can also schedule its arrival. You can set it monthly, weekly, or daily. These are very useful choices that can help you stay focused on a more important task in your inbox and makes you more proactive.