Eva Moskowitz Rise to Forming a Leading Charter Network

Eva Moskowitz received a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Pennsylvania. She furthered her studies and received a Ph.D. in American History from Johns Hopkins University in 1991 with a dissertation on how popular culture and experts paved the way for “personal politics.”


After finishing her studies, Eva Moskowitz first went to work at the University of Virginia as a professor of women’s history from 1889 to 1990. She then moved to Vanderbilt University as an assistant professor of history from 1992 to 1993, and later to the City University of New York where she worked as an assistant professor of history. Eva Moskowitz became the chair the faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University from 1996-1999. She was also the director of the children’s program, ReadNet, which was made to reduce illiteracy among children.


Eva Moskowitz then applied to start a charter school in the Upper East Side, but she had to withdraw her application because she wanted to hold an electoral office. She contributed to the development of Charter schools in New York by advocating for the building of these schools. Her argument for supporting the schools is that the mind of a child is agile and therefore the intellectual standards should be increased so that human expectations can be raised.


Eva Moskowitz co-wrote a book Mission Possible in 2012 in which she argued that there was the need for charter schools because public non-charter did not put the customer first. She is the founder and CEO of Success Charter Network which is responsible for four charter schools in Harlem. In 2006, she founded Harlem Success Academy which was hailed by Joel Klein who is New York’s school chancellor.