Gregory Aziz the Man of the People

Gregory James Aziz has been in the leadership of the National Steel Car Company since 1984 when he bought it from its former owner. He serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for the company, which deals with the manufacture of railway freight and tank cars. Since he took rulership, Greg Aziz ensures that quality and excellence are the primary core values that every worker delivers. He believes that quality is everything that the customer needs and no compromise is allowed.

Gregory Aziz also values the people around whom he works. He believes in keeping the right networks for the proper functioning of the business. He honors different categories of people among them customers, workers, and suppliers. Regarding his employees, James Aziz says that he respects and values them for without them there would be no production in the company. Consequently, he does not take their presence for granted, as he believes that they are the reason the company is prosperous. However, Greg James Aziz inculcates some values among the workers, among them excellence, hard work, focus, and innovation. Albeit Greg hires only competent workers, he ensures that the organization culture encourages the above values as they make the company stand out among its competitors. Moreover, he encourages the workers to keep furthering their education as that makes them relevant even in the face of new technological eras.

Additionally, Greg Aziz values the company customers, whom he believes are the reason the company exists. If there were no customers, there would be no need to produce or to hire workers. As such, he asks the employees to consider customer needs before creating any product. They research widely and customize each product to the client’s requirements. The above aspect produces more satisfied customers and creates more return clients. It also brings in referrals from the already satisfied clients.

Another stakeholder that is considered greatly by Greg is the supplier. Notably, he has maintained the same set of suppliers since the time he acquired the company. Respect and mutual understanding help Greg maintain working relationships with vendors. Moreover, the suppliers help him build more networks in case he needs different types of raw materials.

Focus on production is the main aspect that Greg advocates for among his workers. The aspect helps the firm manufacture more than expected units in a year and expand its reach in the international market. Aziz says the good quality is not enough: excellent is the only acceptable standard.