Doe Deere: Following The Dream

Fans of cosmetics rejoice! If you’re loving the spunk and excitement of all the new rage in bold lip colors, you will simply love the brand, Lime Crime. Lime Crime was created by the sassy Doe Deere, who has been colors biggest fan since she was only a child. Her story starts with a love for cosmetics and ends with a successful business that keeps on growing, thanks to it’s wide variety of vibrant and unique colors.

Doe always enjoyed playing dress up as a young girl. When she had her first sleepover with friends, she learned about the world of cosmetics, as she and her friends attempted makeover. Her love of bright colors and funky styles, all identified on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere, were always reflected in how she looked. It was then that she decided cosmetics would become a much bigger part of her life.

She decided to make a small line of vibrantly colored lip and eye products and sell it in her eBay store. What started out as a side business turned into a most successful career. Lime Crime became a hit instantly, and continues to become more and more popular. Turning her favorite hobby into her career was a dream come true.

She refers to her many fans as “unicorns.” She states that only a unicorn could have so much color in their lives. People who love unique colors will fall instantly in love with Lime Crime. It’s inevitable that there is no other brand out there quite like it. With the lipstick trend being so popular, it’s no surprise her company has done so well this past year.

Doe Deere was named one of the years best women entrepreneurs as well. She is an inspiration to women everywhere. You can find success AND do what you love. It is not impossible to turn your favorite hobby into your forever career, and Doe proves that.  They are partners with Urban Outfitters, but for fans the best place to reach them is through the official Facebook page.