Why Having A Wikipedia Page May Be Your Smartest Business Decision Yet

Getting your name out there in a world where media is spread faster than light may seem like an easy task, however controlling the information sent out into the public may be harder than you think. Company pages can be informative but may not answer all the questions an individual may have and social media pages can often be flooded with negative comments whether they hold any truth or not. When people search for certified information Wikipedia is the first page they look at. Wikipedia is one of the most widely known sources for information on a myriad of things including people, companies, past events, TV shows, and the list goes on and on. If you make a Wikipedia page that is well written and properly formatted, it can help spread the specific information you want out there and omit the things you don’t.

For those who aren’t entirely sure what to expect Wikipedia is a giant communal encyclopedia available for free online. The collaborative aspect may seem questionable but Wikipedia is a trusted, reliable site that only allows proven, unbiased, and quality content. They have strict guidelines in place and will flag or remove any content that violates their rules or has no confirmed standing. Wikipedia pages require external links to validate the content written on your page such as articles about yourself or your company, blog posts, and even an official website.

Not only is Wikipedia widely known and used its one of the top five results that pop up in the first page of Google results. Research shows that 87% of people don’t scroll past the first page of results which means you or your company will appear at the top of the page with the Wikipedia tag. This can help with branding, reputation, and exposure by creating attention within the first couple of lines after being searched.

Not every business owner or person is a writer which can create a bit of a headache if its not your forte. The Wikipedia writers for hire at Get Your Wiki can help ease the tension of Wikipedia business page creation. These veteran writers have been helping edit, correct, and create Wikipedia pages for years. Don’t let the stress of writing stop you from getting the exposure and presence you need to succeed.

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