Financing Updates And More About Slyce

There have been some serious developments with Slyce and major retailers. These new relationships come in the form of actual contracts that were signed between Slyce and major retailers in order to power Slyce’s visual search platform. Users can log onto Slyce for all of their shopping needs. Slyce has already had major relations with some major retailers, like Tilly’s and Home Depot. These relationships have brought Slyce to the highly regarded status that it has recently reached among consumers, investors and retailers. The initial report from Yahoo Finance will be covered in the remainder of this post.

News In Slyce’s Business Relations

One of the newest relations between Slyce and other major retailers is the relationship that was created between Slyce and Urban Outfitters on October 6th of 2015. Slyce is now contracted to power their visual search platform with the products offered at Urban Outfitters. There were a number of similar contracts that Slyce signed over the past year of operations. These new relations include contracts with Shoe Carnival and one with Neiman Marcus that was created in late August of 2015. Neiman Marcus had a feature called “Snap. Find. Shop.” that will be greatly augmented thanks to Slyce’s platform. People that want to shop at any of these retailers can visit Slyce’s application, take pictures of what they want and purchase it with ease on Slyce’s platform.

Changes In Financing

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to Slyce’s empire is that they are changing their terms of financing. They have officially moved from a short term financing option to a long term strategy. This is in part thanks to the resources of interested investors. The company officially opened their doors to taking investment bids from interested parties. The lead investor initially subscribed for $1.6 million units of Slyce, but that number has changed to $3.5 million units of the company. Slyce is still working to close the gap on the remaining financial obligations, and they plan to close the gap in the near future.