How EOS has changed the lip balm world

The crystal lip balm of the EOS lip balm is the latest launch, and once you open the top, it’s ultimately see-through. There is no way you will feel that your lips are sticky because the lip balm is vegan and waxless. The craziest thing about the lip balm it’s that is has a signature that’s way forgone, the shape is spherical, it’s sleek, and it has a more grown-up look. Yup, it’s so ways good that EOS designed the whole container just for it. It has a natural blend of the coconut, castor, sunflowers oils, avocado and Shea butter (

For over a century, if you wanted to buy a lip balm then it meant that you had to go to several stores to get the best. Seven years ago, the lip balms form EOS started to pop up everywhere, and they did not go unnoticed because they had the pastel colors. They began at the Walgreens where they were given a shelf, later to Walmart and later Targets. So many people could not get enough of the products like the beauty editors at Cosmo. Products from EOS which full name stands for Evolution Of Smooth they are advertised in all the beauty and fashion magazines, see Allure.. When they were interviewed about the company, they said that they created the company with $250 million it has since become the best-selling lip balm in the country.

In the research that was carried by Kline its states that EOS has grown over the several years, it has been on the market. They have a sell off $1 million every week, and the future of the company looks so promising. By 2020 the company has plans of increasing steadily to $2 million because they are being driven by the demand for their natural and organic products.


Read This EOS Review Before Buying Your Next Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth has been making the headlines since they first entered the market for selling lip balms. In just under a decade, EOS has managed to practically take over the market, with only the veterans still in the same category as them, such as Chapstick and Blistex. EOS still has something that that other contenders do not though, and that is the quality of innovation. EOS has been innovating since day one, which is what allowed them to quickly rise up the ranks of the industry. The companies first innovation to their own market was changing the typical design of lip balms, from the usual stick to a more appealing and fun to use ball shape.  Click on to read more.

What Makes It so Popular?

These ball lip balms from EOS are extremely popular and it is likely that most people even reading this review have seen or heard of them at some point. Over the years, many celebrities have advertised the products and showed it off in public, since it is as stylish as it is effective. The EOS lip balms come in all different designs and colors, not to mention they have a boatload of flavors to choose from for their customers. This lets their lip balms to appeal to many more people, including kids, which have a great time playing with the EOS lip balms.

With over a million units sold every week, EOS is surely doing something right. The fact that all of their products are made of purely natural ingredients is probably something to do with it as well. No fillers or chemicals make their way into EOS lip balms, making them safe even if they get lost for kids or pets. Gluten-free, Paraben-free, and Hypoallergenic (  EOS lip balms are among the best lip balm product on the market today.

A Review of EOS Shows That They Are Well-Loved

EOS has just released a new favor to help offer some relief form chapped lips. The new medicated lip balm helps relieve pain with soothing chamomile. The chamomile lower has been used to make herbal teas for years since it offers many benefits. It is an antioxidant and is also hydrating as well as an inflammatory. It even helps to rid the body of free radicals which helps skin to look its best. This new medicated lip balm also contains menthol which comes from mint oils. It is actually a type of alcohol which explains that tingling sensation when you use it. This property offers a nice numbing sensation that helps to relieve pain. It also contains aloe, cocoa and shea butters, vitamin E, and olive and jojoba oils. It is hypoallergenic and paraben-free, gluten-free, check

EOS has not always been as big as it is now and it has wedged its way into the market that has been dominated by only a few well-known brands such as Chapstick and Blistex. One of the reasons that it has grown to be as successful as it is now because of all the fun and exciting flavors that the company offers. EOS is also very well-known for the unique orb-shape that encases the delicious lip healing ointment.

The company is expected to hit the $2 billion mark by 2020 and continues to rise in popularity, and they’ve just released their vegan crystal lip balms. In a few short years the company has practically become a household name, and they sell over one million lip balms every week. EOS offers many different types of lip balms such as Organic, Visibly Soft, Active, Medicated, and Shimmer in a variety of enticing flavors. Some of their flavors include Summer fruit, Wildberry, Honey Apple, and Pink Grapefruit (



Honest Review On The New Crystal EOS Lip Balm

If it weren’t for the need for skin, I would forfeit mine because of the direct need for exclusive products to avoid rashes and sensitive skin. Trips to the dermatologist started costing a fortune and going all-natural was my only option. I put the least amount of chemicals on my skin to avoid those unsightly rashes. Then, when I needed a lip balm, it had to be organic and I heard all about the EOS brand. Beauty care magazine Pop Sugar says, millions of products have been sold as a trusted brand without a logo and they were completely hypoallergenic.

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I opted for the new EOS Crystal line because its based with wax-free vegan ingredients with essential vitamins and antioxidants. I also love the unique flavors that come in dual packaging that always gave me a spare. I had noticeably softer lips in under 30 days and could pamper my senses with aromatherapy. You can get a relaxed blend of ingredients known to fortify your skin and provide protection against arctic temperatures, you may also refer here on In fact, I live in the Northern territory which is always cold. I recommend their EOS lip balm for anyone with sensitive skin and looking for products reasonably priced at under $5.

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