EOS Purity Plus Lip Balm Review

It is taking all the stores by a storm. When you find a product like EOS you have hit the jackpot. EOS has become a household name in lip balm and who would have thought they would come out with new flavored vegan lip balms. The new lip balm is flying off the shelves due to the big demand. Some people are not able to enjoy the regular lip balm due to some ingredients. You can understand the excitement of finding a good product that delivers to a wider global audience.

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EOS vegan lip balm has a see-through formula and the products are organic and completely free from animal by-products. They have the same beautiful packaging but have eliminated beeswax from the formula. The wax-free balm has two great vegan crystal flavors, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The lip balm is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin E making softer and smoother lips. The company is working on developing new vegan flavors.

There will always be a demand for a lip balm like EOS. It is like eye candy and delivers what is promises, find out more here on allure.com. There is a loyal following and now the vegetarian audience can enjoy all the benefits of this great lip balm.

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The Need for Lip Balm and the Improvements Made By EOS

When the first lip balm was made, there had to be a huge demand. Given that lips are among the driest parts of the body, it is also vulnerable to plenty of issues. Among the problems people experience with dry lips are blisters, peeling, and cracking. Often times, they are accompanied by pain. Therefore, this can be among the most uncomfortable issues that people go through. Therefore, when the first lip balm was released to the public, there had to be a lot of demand for the product. Eventually, it has become common for stores to carry lip balm products. Get more info here on frenchtribune.com.

While lip balm products were a success, there eventually came to be some observations about the products. While they are effective, they are not that effective. Therefore, a few business owners have looked for ways to increase the effectiveness of lip balm products. As a result, EOS was born. The process involved looking at all of the issues with the current lip balm products. Among the issues is the size and shape of the product. The items are small enough to lose. Therefore, they decided to come forth with bigger products and with different shapes to add to the fun. You may check their collection of lip balm here on amazon.ca and buy your chosen flavor.

Another issue that EOS has seen is that the product is rather boring. It has a boring flavor to it. Therefore, they added different flavors. However, the most important thing they have done was to increase the effectiveness with the use of ingredients. Among the ingredients they used was Shea butter and jojoba oil. Therefore, the lips are not only moisturized, but also rejuvenated. People get to experience better looking and better feeling lips as a result of the work that has been put towards EOS lip balm, read more. On top of that, the products come in tons of flavors that encourage customers to use the products.

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