EOS Lip Balm – New Vegan Options Review

Evolution of Smooth, a popular manufacturer of lip balm products has introduced a new line of vegan flavors recently. Their new formulations include vitamin e, coconut oil, and bees wax alternatives. Based on usmagazine.com, the new vegan crystal flavors are unique and offer a range of options for the new market segment that EOS hopes to gain a foothold in.

EOS first introduced their round pods to major convenience stores and markets almost seven years ago. Their goal was to make the process of applying lip balm more fun for women. They wanted to add some excitement and gratification to the daily routine that many women have when it comes to moisturizing. Their initial campaigns were a great success, as the round pods flooded the market. Online testimonials as well as celebrity endorsements helped further their cause, as EOS overtook Chalp Stick and other major manufacturers of lip balm products.

Evolution of Smooth is unique when compared to other major brands for several reasons, hop over here. They were founded with an emphasis on providing women with fun and interesting ways to moisturize. Rather than being founded by a conglomerate or personal care goods giant, EOS was small and wanted to focus on what made customers happy.

Their new launch offers organic alternatives and addresses incumbent needs from the vegan population. Not only are EOS products effective and designed with sustainable practices, but their company objectives and values stand apart from major retailers and manufacturers. Their continued commitment to giving people multiple options that are healthy and fun to use has helped EOS take the market by storm. Their latest line of vegan products was sold out online within the first day, see also allure.com. As they grow to include larger markets, EOS has benefited from brand recognition to a great degree. The unmistakable round pods are one of a kind and have been featured in numerous television shows, commercials and online.

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