The Life of Jeremy Goldstein as an Attorney

Among the careers that are considered complex is the law business. You have to be passionate about the company to be successful as well as be a learned fellow. Jeremy Goldstein has all of the above and a bonus of having been in the business for the last twenty years. Follow Jeremy on Twitter

He went to New York University where he acquired a J.D. and later went to Cornel University where he got a B.A. not to forget his M.A. from the University of Chicago. He is currently working as one of the partners of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

Every company has a story of what led to its establishment. Jeremy Goldstein says that what led to the foundation of JLG, were matters of conflict of interests in executive compensation matters that were leading to the splitting of larger organizations.

On observing the trend, he realized that a new law firm would do well in the nation. Without any further delays, Jeremy took the plunge. Fortunately, the assumptions leading to his decisions have proved to be entirely true. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Jeremy says that his work is very demanding. He deals with matters that would either make or destroy his clients. He has to be careful in evaluating their sensitive matters and ensure what he offers is the best option for them. Some of the matters that his clients approach him to help solve are issues of new opportunities. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

He says that after landing a job, they need to know whether the job is right for them and what it would mean for their families if they took the job. He says that his career also requires him to be available in all the 24 hours. To avoid being overwhelmed, he is careful on the number of cases he takes.

Jeremy Goldstein says that the only way he can be right in his business is ensuring that he knows his clients better. He explains that he makes a point of spending time with them even when they got no business deals.

This ensures that he gets to understand their way of thinking and their priorities, which is very important in helping him decide on critical issues.

Jeremy says that one thing that has helped him land deals is keeping in touch. He explains that there is no substitute for caring. You have to make calls, email and follow up with your clients.

He explains that when people see you’re interested in their welfare, they will definitely approach you for advice.