Janet Jackson Tour Finally a Reality

Fans of Janet Jackson have been on the edge of their seats for years, seven of them to be exact, waiting for the singer to keep her promise of hearing new music from her lips in the near future. Well the near future is finally upon us, as Jackson has released word of a new single, “No Sleeep”, that will be the first song released off her new album coming out in the fall.

While the album is still in development, Janet Jackson could keep her silence no more. According to Cláudio Loureiro Heads on tedxcuritiba.com, she promised fans that not only has she been listening to their requests, but now that she has responded, she wants them to keep talking. In anticipation of the new single and new album, Janet has announced that the Unbreakable tour will kick off in August and play to 36 stadiums starting in Vancouver. The new song will be just a tease for the album that is due at or around tour end.

Janet announced that her long-awaited comeback is finally here. Fans can expect the singer to break out all her classics during this incredible tour, having not seen or heard her play to any substantial crowd since her album Discipline in early 2008. Janet promises that this album and tour will be one the fans will not soon forget. She promises that this new movement will finally put to rest the whispers of her absence from the music industry for so long.