Nitin Khanna Has Found Success With His Technology Businesses

Nitin Khanna was born in India into a family of entrepreneurs. He got his education at a good school outside of his village and moved to the United States for college at Purdue. He got involved in the paper industry and then with computer technology before starting his first business. He did it with the help of his brother and they created a technology company that helped the United States government with its electronic ballot system. The company was a big success and led Nitin Khanna to create another technology company.

Nitin Khanna put together MergerTech, which helps technology start-ups and all of the companies that need help with selling or expansion. It is run around the world and has banking services, as well. The idea for the company came to him through his experience and knowledge of the field and also through those who asked for advice on mergers and more. He has also worked on other ventures over the years and has found much success and is now getting involved with technology in India. He has invested in software there and has made several other investments. He is always taking on new things in his career and even owned a club in Portland, Oregon for a time.

Nitin Khanna got a degree in Industrial Engineering. He lives in Portland, Oregon and serves on the board of several organizations, including Vendscreen. He wants to make the world better and tries to do that through his work and he tries to live a balanced life, which includes spending time with his family after work each day. He works with people who have good experience in the field so that they can help him bring his ideas to life and he likes to work on an idea until he knows that everything has been figured out for it so that it will succeed.

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The Intense World of TigerSwan

james reese tigerswanTigerSwan is one of the world’s most elite special ops team founded by veteran Jim Reese in 2007. It is designated as a leader of Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. The training takes place in North Carolina at The Range Complex. It comprises tactical training with live ammunition and simulated hostage situations. There are shooting exercises at far distances to become skilled with using a long-range rifle. The training is intense and the ops must be able to utilize their skills in all types of physically uncomfortable conditions. There are times when they might have to wait in in the arid desert for that split second chance to take down a moving target. TigerSwan’s use of Chevy Tahoes and Suburban trucks are invaluable because of their horsepower and high torque. The Chevy SUV’s are capable of handling the rough terrain at high speeds and are equipped with off road tires, skid plates to protect the truck’s underside, and most importantly a unique suspension system to aid in maneuverability. Founder James Reese says that the Chevy trucks are the op team’s first and last line of defense because they are built like army tanks. Team members agree that when a Chevy gets run into or even battered with bullets they still continue to function to get the job done. James Reese is a retired Lt. Colonel and member of the infamous United States Delta Force. He has served 25 years in the American Military and has also become a decorated combat leader during that time. He is currently the founder, the Chief Executive Officer and leader of TigerSwan and employs service disabled veterans. TigerSwan is based in Apex, North Carolina and has offices globally. He oversees all operations and currently has over 300 employees. James Reese himself is a service disabled veteran.Marcus Amick(2017). What It’s Like To Train With The World’s Most Elite Special Ops Team. Retrieved from https://www.tigerswan.comCrunchbase(ND)  Stories by James Reese Tigerswan. Retrieved from

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Niranjan Shah and Many Others Join Ready for Hillary

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate. In 2008, he was an early backer of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Now, he is ready to throw his support to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He and fellow democrats, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, will headline the Ready for Hillary fundraiser. The pro-Clinton super PAC is running grass-roots support for Clinton’s potential presidential run. These three political powerhouses are listed as guests at the June 5th reception in Chicago, which is hosted by several Obama donors.

 The high-dollar fundraiser highlights the early support for Hillary Clinton from Obama’s political circles. It is good to see them support Hillary, while Vice President Biden thinks about making a presidential run as well. Jim Messina, Jeremy Bird and Mitch Stewart are Senior staffers for Obama and are advising the Super PACs. Two other Democrats, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Claire McCaskill of Missouri, were early supporters of Obama and have already agreed to join Ready for Hillary. The third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York endorsed Hillary on a visit to Iowa.

Senator Dick Durbin was with Obama since he ran against Clinton in 2008. Emanuel was a political advisor for Bill Clinton and chief of staff for Obama. He endorsed Hillary Clinton. Madigan served in Illinois state legislature with Obama and quickly became a rising star.

The Chicago reception is selling tickets at a steakhouse called Phil Stefani’s for $1,000 a seat. This will be the biggest fundraiser for Ready for Hillary. The grass-roots tickets are about $20. Laura Ricketts, a co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, will be a co-host and donated a lot to Obama. Her Father Peter Ricketts who founded Ameritrade funds the GOP. Her brother Peter, won the GOP governor nomination for Nebraska.

Other Obama supporters that will host the committee include Jewish leaders Andrea and Alan Solow and political strategist Kevin Conlon. There are many philanthropists and democratic donors going and Niranjan Shah is one of them. He is a successful entrepreneur and democratic donor that is always looking for ways to give back to the community.

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A New Way To Make a Mortgage Loan- Michael Nierenberg

Building your own home is one dream that we all have. We all want our homes to be perfect and we want them to be a complete representation of us. Although, building our homes doesn’t come for free – in fact, purchasing the land and constructing the house involves a lot of money. We usually get the big sum of money through loans. Making a loan basically means that you borrow money from a loaner, and then you pay this money overtime with interest.

Qualified mortgages i as a kind of mortgage loan that meets the lending standards that is established by different government agencies. Qualified mortgages usually follow a very strict, rigid backbone and the terms that have to be met are black or white. The rigidity of the system for traditional qualified mortgages can sometimes deny even high-income borrowers. Even if these high income borrowers can prove that they can pay the loan over time, when a certain standard isn’t met, they get denied. This prevents borrowers with income that isn’t standard, like self-employed individuals, freelancers, foreign nationals, that do have a substantial amount of income, be denied for making a loan.

There is a new kind of mortgage loan that isn’t as strict as a qualified mortgage loan – a new mortgage lending solution that doesn’t enforce such a rigid and strict system. These are Non Qualified Mortgage Loans. Non Qualified Mortgage Loans uses a different guideline when it comes to approving the loan. Although, it all boils down to one single rule: the ability to pay back the loan. Non Qualified Mortgage Loans look at this “ability to repay” rule differently than Qualified Mortgage Loans. There are alternative documentation that allow non-traditional income earners to prove that they have the capacity to make a loan and repay overtime.

New Residential Investment Corp., which is now ran by Michael Nierenberg, is a REIT or a Real Estate Investment Trust that enforces both Qualified Mortgage Loans and Non Qualified Mortgage Loans. They operate on origination services on ongoing businesses and investment decisions. The portfolio and the subsidiaries of New Residential Investment Corp. is a mix of both Non and Qualified Mortgage Loans.


Careers at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a financial services firm that specializes in providing asset management services for institutional investors. The company was founded in 1998 by entrepreneurs Wesely Edens and Randal Nardone. Since the company began operating, it quickly established itself as one of the top investment management firms in the entire world. The company has helped many clients all over the world manage assets such as real estate and private equity securities. Fortress Investment Group works with clients in a variety of industries that include transportation, energy, telecommunications, real estate, technology and entertainment. Like all other companies, Fortress has a number of job openings and career opportunities for anyone looking to be a part of the firm.

One of the available job openings at Fortress Investment Group is credit real estate analyst. This job is one where the applicant will specialize in overseeing and evaluating any debt and credit used to finance real estate. The position will entail building financial models and working with senior members of the department to find out which investment opportunities should be submitted to the senior management for review. It will also require that the applicant work with the investment team to determine investment structures, review legal documents and also stay updated on current financial market trends. Read more reviews about Fortress Investment Group at

Another job opportunity available at Fortress Investment Group is business analyst commercial real estate. This position entails overseeing the development and management of business analysis. It will require the applicant to analyze commercial real estate assets and manage them. The position will also include responsibilities such as coordinating database development, maintaining the database and also ensuring compliance with the system requirements. As a commercial real estate analyst, the applicant will be responsible for supervising projects and interacting with any staff members and vendors.

At Fortress Investment Group, there is a job opening as a real estate analyst. This position consists of providing analytical asset management support for both commercial real estate and equity and debt investments. The position entails preparing property and portfolio valuations using Argus software and reviewing both weekly and monthly report packages to evaluate operating income and expense trends. With the position, applicants will also be responsible for manipulating large quantities of loan and property data provided by third parties.



The Relevance of Fortress Investment Group Lies on Its Ability to Formulate Profitable Strategies that Guide it Through the Market

Fortress Investment Group continues to make significant strides in the financial industry by becoming the first asset manager to have accepted a takeover bid from another investor. The company seems to be the leading strategists and the policymaker such that other wealth managers have to follow. It remains to be seen whether other asset managers and upcoming firms will follow the trend, which has for an extended period continued to be the new norm in other industries.

Being the leader in the alternative asset management sector, Fortress Investment Group has been the pioneer of some of the most significant strides in the industry which have later been adopted by other organizations. One of the strategies incorporated by other organizations is registering the entity in the New York Securities Exchange where other firms followed without hesitations. Registering the firm in the stock market gave it the exposure it needed while at the same time providing sufficient funds to expand its activities.

The second strategy has been to incorporate technology as the principal method of doing business. For a more extended period, Fortress Investment Group has offered quality services to its customers, thanks to its advanced and elaborate technology adoption mechanism. Fortress has been serving its customers through advanced methods which have not only reduced the expenses that the firm has to pay but has gone a step further to help the entity to serve more customers within a short period than it would have done before.

Despite pioneering in technological advancement and being the first asset manager to register in the New York Securities Exchange, which other asset managers have followed, it remains to be seen whether other entities will accept the new move of accepting a takeover bid. There is no doubt that the strategy will prove attractive, especially if the company can get enough funds to invest while at the same time expanding its market share.

Recently, Peter Briger came out to shed light on the contentious issue that had been misunderstood by the public about the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by a Japanese organization, SoftBank Group. He said that the management of the company was very confident about the huge benefits that Fortress Group is expected to reap from the business relationship. Briger, therefore, urged the public and the investors of the company to remain calm as the leadership of the organization had not been affected. The three principals remained in charge of all the operations of the company.


Wes Edens Leadership Roles In Fortress Investment Group

Leadership is not a job for everyone. There are few personalities who will thrive when they have been offered leadership positions in the company, while others will only bring failure to business and losses at the end of the day. It is quite easy to spot a leader in the modern times. A professional who has excellent leadership qualities will be able to perform well and impress the stakeholders in the company regardless of the challenges that might present themselves. If a company is not careful when appointing the people it needs in leadership, it is bound to get losses at the end of the financial year. Companies that are intelligent will invest in getting the professionals occupying leadership positions.

Wes Edens was the person who called out his friends so that they could work together and resolve some of the wealth management problems customers were facing in the market. There were people who had billions of dollars in their accounts, but getting a professional to manage the money without taking advantage of it is very difficult. Many organizations have been emerging in all corners of the world, and this has made the financial situation for most people very complicated. If you want to become wealthy and at the end of the day leave some of it for your children, you must partner with a reliable company that has wealth management services. These professionals understand how to come with financial plans that will work out and deliver great results so that the customers can enjoy financial freedom.

Wes Edens is an expert in investment matters. His wisdom in handling financial activities did not just come in a simple manner. The businessman has been forced to work all the way from the bottom to become prominent in the finance investment world. Edens has a great role to play at the company he founded, known as Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens knows how to take risks so that he can rise successful investments, and this is the courage that enabled him to start Fortress Investment Group. The role of company chairman comes with a huge share of challenges. Wes Edens knows some of the problems that come his way too well, and he has been trying his best to solve them so that things remain to be in their place. Wes Edens is also a very generous professional who loves to share his wealth with other individuals in the American society.

Sports Authority Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protecction

Retail sporting goods giant Sports Authority has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The chain announced that it will shutter their Chicago and Denver distribution centers and shutter 140 locations over the next 90 days. Sports Authority indicated it is attempting to restructure its debt.

Sports Authority stated that it has enough liquidity to remain operational. During the Chapter 11 process, the retailer will continue normal business operations, maintain its website and honor all product warranties. In a statement released by CEO Michael Foss, “We are taking this action so that we can continue to adapt our business to meet the changing dynamics in the retail industry.” To stay competitive, Sports Authority must reduce its brick and mortar presence, Foss said, as consumers are shopping more online.

The retail sector, plagued by the consumer migration to online shopping, is stymied in its attempt to attract consumers to their retail locations, in 41 states and Puerto Rico. Discount retailer TJ Maxx is facing competition from the introduction of Macy’s Backstage. JC Penny is going the private label route, with its “Get Your Penney’s Worth” campaign, to combat online discount retailers. Sports Authority competitor City Sports, impacted by a shift in consumer buying patterns, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protecting in October 2015.

In a letter appearing on the Sports Authority website, CEO Foss addressed Sports Authority’s vision for the future. The chain plans to upgrade its remaining brick and mortar locations and revamp its website. Foss commented there has been interest from outside investors to acquire the privately held firm. He stated Sports Authority will explore all options. Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States bankruptcy court in Wilmington, Delaware.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital, LLC is a global banking and financial services organization. It provides its clients with financial advisory and opinion with acquisitions, mergers, corporate funding and capitalization structure. With a staff of professionals, Madison Street Capital, LLC offers private equity and hedge fund consultations and financial asset administration services.

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The Madison Street Capital Value Strategy.

In the global investment banking industry, Madison Street Capital stands out for its operational focus. This banking firm offers advisory services to public and private corporates. These advisory areas include the mergers and acquisitions, financing and valuation of businesses.

Being a global investment firm, Madison Street Capital owns branches throughout Asia, America and the emerging African market. Madison Street Capital stands out from the rest due to its focus on emerging markets and economies. True to its value statement, Madison Street Capital places a very high emphasis on integrity, leadership, service and excellence in all dealings with clients.

Madison recently featured on the Today in America show, an educational program for the financially savvy viewers.

Indeed, innovation is that essential tool with which individuals and companies use to accelerate production and business. Modern business requires the input of innovative solutions and the faster a company adopts such solutions, the further they go. The trend of innovating more efficient technology prevails in all sectors of the economy.

The global financial sector had been characterized by suspicion, blame games and investor apathy ever since the financial crisis seven years ago. Industry operators have had to shape up and restructure the entire way of doing business. Today, there is more effort put towards sustainable business practice.

For a huge firm like MSC, their diversification policy into emerging markets has worked well for the company. With the American financial market still finding its feet, the distraction of unexploited markets in Africa and Asia becomes a worthy venture. As such, the firm has dedicated a significant level of investment to explore these markets. They have achieved relative success. Their clients here include governments of emerging economies seeking to privatize major sectors.

The emerging economies are much welcoming to investment banks. Case being, the need for experienced partners with extensive market knowledge prevails. Start-ups can access capital while established corporates seek investment banks to aid their diversification strategies.

Madison Street Capital has also dedicated its resources towards the financial literacy of investors. They maintain that the client must be kept in the loop of information developments within the market. Previously, bankers have always operated in secrecy and monopoly of information.

The increasing roles of investment banks have contributed to the opening up of the underbelly of most financial dealings.

Investment Banking May Be Facing A Leaner Future

In 1963, banks across America started expansion programs that were almost out of control until the 2008 recession. The remarkable returns that investors enjoyed during that period were the talk of the financial industry. Returns on equity (ROE) ranged from 20 to 25 percent, and some firms enjoyed larger returns then. Bank executives and employees got huge pay increases. Today, 12 of the richest people on the Forbes list are asset managers, investors and financiers. In 1982, no one in the fiancé industry was on that list.

After the 2008 crash, the ROEs for the world’s wealthiest banks dropped considerably. ROEs are now around 13 percent in the United States according to James Dondero, the CEO of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has been around long enough to know how much the investment banking world has changed. Mr. Dondero has been in the business for more than 30 years, and has watched the business grow into what it is now. Dondero and other investors are not as bullish as they used to be when it comes to ROEs. Today some investments only return 6 to 9 percent because of new regulations. Some investment executives thought things would blow over after the 2008 collapse, and ROEs would skyrocket again, but the consensus now is the new norm is lower returns on equity across the board, according to Dondero.

Last year, the investment banking industry produced revenues of $233 billion, and that is about a third less than the $341 billion in revenue the industry produced in 2009. That downward trend continues. This year, banks got off to a very slow start. Dondero and other investors are concerned about the signs they see today. Slow economic growth around the world is causing some concern. Low interest rates have also hurt returns globally, and new regulations are going to eat into banking returns, and that is the most concerning element for investment bankers. Plus people want more for their money from banks, and banks will have to produce incentive programs for their clients that put more money into the publics’ pocket and less on the bottom line.

Some investment bankers say the glory days of big returns are gone and the dog days of new regulations, lower margins and hard economic times are the norm now.