Can OSI Industries Handle The Demands of Today’s Food Industry

Everyone has to eat in order to survive whether you’re eating top-of-the-line cuisines or microwavable foods. It’s safe to say that the food industry won’t be going out of business any time soon and for good reasons. OSI Industries, one of the leaders in food manufacturing, has been on top of its game over the past few decades. The American-based food giant has at least five facilities in the US as well as 60 other facilities on the international market. Whether it’s value-added food solutions or its traditional goodies, this company has produced them all. OSI Industries has a resume of success, and the company can attest to this via its long list of satisfied clients. The company started with the production of meats. As consumer consumptions evolved, this meat market would transition into a wholesaler of foods. Learn more about OSI at

The year 2019 has caused the food industry to make another shift as the rise of plant-based foods has come into the picture. These alternative-bred foods are reported to be much healthier than many traditional foods, and they taste just as good. OSI has teamed with a newbie by the name of Impossible Foods. Despite being relative new to the game, Impossible Foods has one of the hottest products that hit the scene in 2019. The meteoric rise of the Impossible Burger has taken the public by surprise thanks to its meat-like taste. Yes, this plant-based product is a meatless burger. Since 2018, the Impossible Burger has been served in select markets to see how the public would react. Fortunately, the Impossible Burger was a hit.

Impossible Foods will utilize the production and processing strength of OSI Industries since OSI has the capability to mass-produce the burgers effortlessly. OSI Industries will certainly benefit by change as well as benefit by sales since the market is set to explode in growth over the next few years. Visit

DE Shaw

Do you remember last May? That is when DE Shaw had fired the managing director Daniel Michalow for allegedly being sexually inappropriate with his female colleagues. Michalow then decided to shoot back with his “I’m a dick, not a perv!” defense. If you already knew about all of this, then you probably also knew about how this whole situation opened a really rare peek into the very specific life style of David Shaw and his poet quants, that revealed the hedge fund that was meant to cover up another “normal” hedge fund.

Fast- forward more than a year and it seems that the company “DESCO” is still trying to come to terms with what has been done to DE Shaw’s future. Now per the ft is taking a ham-fisted approach to dealing with this new reality. They are saying that DE Shaw’s employees only have until September to agree with their new non- compete terms. If the employees then decide to not sign the agreements then their employment will be terminated but they will be able to keep the compensation that they normally would forfeit. The managers that work at the firm are one of the biggest hedge funds that the company has, told their staff back in April that they were opting to agree with the non- compete agreements only to bring DE Shaw back into line with what the company was normally doing.

To a lot of people, September seems a little strange for a dead line right. Well, the date that all of the agreements will be put into effect is the 16th of September. So, it goes hand in hand with Mr. Michalow who left last March during the sexist remark fall out, would be able to hire DE Shaw’s employees or even partner with them in order to create their very own hedge fund. Even if these dates are coincidental, which DE Shaw clams they are, everything looks really strange that a shop like DESCO who is very detail- oriented would want to risk it all by letting all of the conclusions be drawn by non- competes.