Goettl, a Leading Name in HVAC Technology

Goettl has a rich history in HVAC heating and air conditioning, which extends as far back as 1926, with the Goettl brothers who hailed from Mandsfield, Ohio, and moved their business to Phoenix, Arizona during the Great Depression. At one point the company held as many as 100 patents and have been involved with advancing the technology behind heating and air conditioning for many decades since its original formation. Given its roots in the Great Depression, it’s gone through many changes in the years and has become a pioneer of mass production for evaporation coolers and several other heating type systems.

The company is now known as Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, which was established by the grandsons of Adam Goettl, one of the original founding brothers. Goettl’s has been servicing the greater Arizona areas since under the new generation of Goettl’s, Adam and Ted Goettl, since 1987. Their experience extends all across central and northern Arizona, where they’ve helped many residents and commercial companies with their heating and cooling issues, including tract housing development projects.

During the hot summer months, the experts at Goettl’s have a few suggestions for homeowners and business owners for improving the cooling in their homes and businesses. This includes weatherproofing on a regular basis, such as checking for cracks and other leakage areas where cool air could be escaping out and warm air could be seeping in, and using a ceiling fan whenever possible to help circulate the cold air around all rooms on the premises. Maintaining your cooling system is a number one important factor to keep in mind. Remember to adjust your thermostat and check for leaks in the refrigeration coils, since a leak could lead to even bigger problems than a few extra dollars on your power bill at the end of the month.