Handy for the Best House Cleaning Services

Handy, previously known as Handybook, is a company that provides home cleaning services. The company was founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan together with partner Umang Dua who met at Harvard Business School. The company allows clients to order a home cleaner, a handy man or a plumber from wherever they are using their iPhone. The company is based in New York and operates in more than ten cities and hopes to open more branches in other locations. The company has more than fifty employees and over a thousand freelancers making them successful in the home service industry. The company has recorded an increase in sales by 60% each month for a period of three months. Handy handles payments of services as well as scheduling. The company has been able to satisfy and provide convenience to customers who have previously been disappointed by the type of services provided by the most of the cleaning agencies.
The clients can access their services from an app and web site. All that is required of them is to enter their zip code, list the number of rooms that need to be cleaned as well as the scheduled time, and then the company sends a price quote which if the client agrees to is charged on the card listed in the files. The tax and tip are included in the price. This reduces a client’s worry of being overcharged and the service provider’s worry of being under paid. If the client is not happy with the services provided, Handy on appstore offers a guarantee to refund the money. It also covers replacement cost of any damages and takes approximately 20% cut for the trouble. This process of getting cleaning services through an app or website has proved to be a comfortable idea for the clients. The company also benefits by earning revenues through the provision of house cleaning services.
The freelancers at Handy are carefully chosen from the thousands of people who apply. A background check is done, checks for references, and carries out interviews on face to face basis to ensure that only the best get to serve their clients. The freelancers provide dependable and trusted services to clients. Their schedule if flexible and therefore the clients can depend on them whenever for the home cleaning services. They also get to decide when and where they want to provide their services and the amount they should charge for their work. For majority of the professionals at Handy, the approximate charge per hour ranges between $15 and $22. This allows the clients to get the cleaning services at the price which they are comfortable with depending on the hours of service they need. Their platform connects those who need cleaning services with the best professionals who can provide the most reliable services at a fair price. When the clients are happy about the services provided then the company gains customer’s loyalty and this enables the company to accomplish its objective.