Drew Madden’s Unmatched Excellent Performance in Healthcare and IT

Drew Madden has unmatched expertise in healthcare and IT. He got his knowledge from the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa. Here, he studied Industrial Engineering with a specialty in Medical Systems. After his studies, he joined Cerner Corporation which marked the beginning of his career then moved to Ingenix currently known as OptumInsight. Later on, he transferred to Nordic Consulting Partners where he worked as the company’s chief executive officer and president for some time before joining Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Under his able leadership, Nordic Consulting Partners experienced positive growth in all its departments with an increase in the number of employees. Revenue earned by the company also increased up to $130 million. Not forgetting the number of clients that visited the company for medical consultancy, Drew Madden improved the customer service delivery arm that consequently attracted more clients for their services. His stay at Nordic Consulting Partners impacted massively on the company’s growth.

Currently, Drew Madden serves as a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare IT both as an entrepreneur and a medical consultant alongside other managing partners. They include Mellisa Hill, Jeff Leach, Aaron Friedman and many others. Together, they focus on building the company’s image while still maintaining their operational standards in delivering industry-leading healthcare to their clients.

Basically, Drew Madden and his able partners work in harmony to ensure that their entrepreneurial venture stands the test of time despite the challenges that businesses face. The use of advanced technology forms the basis of business operations at Evergreen Healthcare IT. Besides, the company has opened various branches in many cities hence providing them with a wider market for their services. Drew Madden and his team have employed their wealth of experiences that they gained from the companies they previously worked for in their daily duties. With this, the Evergreen Healthcare IT has managed to incorporate advanced technology into their healthcare provision.

All in all, Drew Madden is a dedicated healthcare IT consultant who does everything in his power to ensure that he achieves his goals. His passion for Electronic Medical Records is unparalleled and he has constantly sought the counsel of those above him in the field to ensure that he works on improving his knowledge and skills.