Lime Crime Going Dark? Yes, With Dark Unicorn Hair Dyes

Squid. Charcoal. Sea Witch. Chestnut.

Ingredients for a magical potion to make everyone fall in love with you?

Well, sort of.

These are the names of a rockin’ new line of 100% cruelty-free, Vegan hair dyes from the one and only Lime Crime cosmetics. For some time now our beautiful brunette Unicorns have been clamoring for a hair color that will give them amped-up jewel-toned hair without having to strip away their own gorgeous darker hair color with harsh bleaches. As always, Lime Crime heard and obeyed.

In this new collection we have Sea Witch, a perfectly poisonous green shade; Charcoal, a smoky-sweet gray tone; Squid, a wickedly wonderful purple hue; and Chestnut, a deep, dangerous maroon color. All work beautifully on any hair color, but brunettes will be especially pleased with the total coverage they will receive with these unique dyes. The new line will make it’s debut on the Lime Crime website on October 24, 2017, and if the response is everything it’s expected to be, they may sell out in a matter of hours. Never fear though, because Lime Crime always puts it’s Unicorns first, and if Dark Unicorn hair dye is what they want, then Dark Unicorn hair dye they shall have.

And for those of you who will be looking for complimentary makeup shades to go with your rockin’ new hair, Lime Crime has everything you need. The Pocket Candy Palette colors double as both eye shadow and cheek colors, and the Diamond Crusher Lip Toppers add a burst of brilliance to any kiss! Whether you choose to let your gorgeous new hair take the spotlight, or you want to add some serious sparkle and vibrance to your new look, you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Lime Crime. Let your dark (unicorn) side come out to play!