IAP Worldwide is one of the best in the Industry

With more than 2000 employees and a presence in over 25 countries, IAP Worldwide Services is no doubt one of the leading global scale companies. The services stretch from logistics, management of facilities as well as advanced professional and technical services. With the list of expertise and unmatched employee’s competence, IAP is a sure bet in tackling its customer’s most demanding challenges. The sixty years of service on operation has been built on reliability and quick responsiveness to customer needs on Monster. In essence, the company mission coupled with a group of skilled employees surely delivers more than the clients expectations. What could be better!

IAP taskforce

Driven by the hunger for the best, IAP employees do nothing short of delivering to the customers’ expectations. Their level of commitment is unmatched in the industry, a factor that puts and keeps the company up there. IAP Worldwide Services employees are regularly rewarded for a good work done. This only works to boost the self-esteem of the employees, prompting them to work even harder. Besides, the company empowers its employees with the much-needed skills and resources not only to improve but also to maintain the performance.

Acquirement of two business units from DRS Technologies

In the plan to expand and increase the market command, IAP acquired two business units; Aviation and Logistics Company belonging to DRS Technologies, Inc. as well as the tactical communication & solution business on prnewswire.com. The latter is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground while the former is situated in Oklahoma. The two groups perform different tasks hence widening the range of services IAP offer to customers. Whereas Aviation and Logistics unit provide repair management for aircraft, the Tactical Communication, and Network Solution provides among other things communication support solutions as and information technology on iapws.com. These two units have been merged to form a new group; Aviation and engineering solutions and National Security Programs unit, one that existed with IAP before.

Development of Afghanistan air control system

The development of Afghanistan air control system was majorly facilitated by a division of IAP called the Readiness Support Management. RMS is based in Panama City. It partnered with the US air-force to plan and come up with new airways, among the activities included in the designing of the new airways were; delivery and installation of radio equipment meant to be used for radio coverage on airways. Besides, they were to serve as the final flight checkers for flight instrument services. The success of the project was ensured by the subcontractor of the RMS known as Midwest ATC services and ManTech communication.

The Success and Greatness of IAP Worldwide Services

The IAP Worldwide Services website states that the company was originally founded in 1953 as Pan Am World Services. The first big project of the company was a commission by the government to build, develop, and operate shuttle services at Cape Canaveral, Florida. That was just the beginning. Over the next several decades, it expanded to provide full maintenance support for a wide range of industries. In the process, it has become the dominant supplier and operator of both military and commercial facilities in the world. Since those early days the company has been shaping the future of the world.

The company mission is to help their clients solve their problems via the latest in technology, expertise, and ingenuity. Through these tools, they give each case their complete and undivided attention. In fact, IAP considers their client’s problems to be their problems. IAP Worldwide Services is focused with a sole concentration on our goals. IAP is agile and flexible, able to provide critical problem solving and solutions for just about any problem. IAP is more than just willing to do all of this with the best intentions, but is more capable of problem solving than any other organization on earth.

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You can know that this is true because IAP has a huge list of very loyal clients who love what IAP is doing. And it isn’t just the leadership of these client companies. Everyone in these companies shares in this love and admiration because IAP places high emphasis on building relationships with and utilizing the expertise of each employee with a client company. IAP Worldwide Services also continues to work with the U.S. government. It supports its work in an array of areas, both here and abroad in any situation required, including military administrative assistance.

It also assists in various humanitarian and disaster relief efforts. In such cases it specializes in providing emergency power and medical supplies. These efforts have been especially effective when IAP has engaged with them-which is frequently. These projects have and often still do drastically change many, many lives for the better. It currently possesses hundreds of millions of dollars in various U.S. government contracts. It is currently officially called IAP Worldwide Services. Today, you will find IAP headquartered in Irmo, South Carolina. From this headquarters it manages more than 1,600 employees and operates offices in 20 countries around the globe. Although it is already huge, IAP continues to grow and to develop its already world-class services.

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