George Soros Rises Again

George Soros is a United States-based billionaire and investor with a wide range of assimilated business solutions. For over three decades of professional experience, George Soros has worked to sustain his business solutions through animated capabilities for a brighter future. George Soros is also considered as one of the few people who has broken the world economies through the risky currency trades in the United States. George Soros is also the man who broke the British pound when he bet against its stability in the currency trades. During that time, George Soros secured $2 billion as an investment from the risky currency trades against the United Kingdom.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, the Hungarian communities wanted to exterminate the Jewish communities who lived in a foreign land. For this reason, they formed the Nazi Occupation that was after killing all those who refused to go back to their cradle land. George Soros worked hard to secure false identities to secure his family from the Nazi Occupation in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For this reason, developing his family only required him to secure the false identities. After that George Soros worked hard under oppression by the people, he finished his high school education and what George Soros know.

George Soros went with his family to the United Kingdom after graduating from high school. George Soros. During that time, he did not have enough general skills to get a well-paying job. Therefore, George Soros went on to work at a local railway station where he managed to develop working solutions for his business solutions. George Soros raised enough money to take care of his family members and pay for his school fees during that time he was still in college. George Soros also worked hard in school for three years before he graduated with the highest honors in Business and Economics certification and Follow his

When George Soros graduated, he did not want to achieve the anticipated business solutions most people desire. However, he secured a voyage to the United States and landed in New York. During that time, he got a job at two local hedge fund management companies. He worked for the companies before he gained enough experience to commence his individual Soros Hedge Fund Management Company based in the United States. This was the beginning of his life as a success and more information click here.

George Soros is more involved in politics now than any other time. This is because he feels that the good political nature in the country may be ruined if the people elect poor leaders in society. For this reason, George Soros has embarked on massive donations to the Democrat candidates, including Hillary Clinton, because they represent a free world as George Soros deems and learn more about George Soros.

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What George Soros Thinks About Donald Trump

Forbes billionaire George Soros is quite opinionated when it comes to issues pertaining to economy and politics. He is popular for being the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992. Despite being in his semi retirement, he is among the top contributors on the political scene in the United States. He openly supports the liberal causes and their candidates. During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros was interviewed by Bloomberg TV’s Francine Lacqua .In the interview, he stated that Donald Trump is doing ISIS’ work. He cited the anti-immigrant wrath that has been the center of Trump’s campaign. This position has seen him rise in Republican polls. Soros offered the same critique against candidate Ted Cruz and predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the general election.
George Soros said that closing the U.S. borders will only convince Muslim communities that terrorism is the only alternative. He further added that since the Iraqi and Syrian governments have won back the territory that the terrorist group had snatched, it is evident that they have little time before they are extinguished. The emergence of ISIS and the Middle East problems have led to the European Crisis. The German Chancellor opened her country to refugees thus risking to lose her political capital. However, Soros still believes that the European powers and Germany are able to integrate migrants successfully,
Soros talked about his experience as a refugee when he fled Hungary after the Second World War. Soros was a migrant for fifteen years but was able to get education. He started his career journey his finance career at F.M Meyer and Wertheim &Co during the fifties. He recalls how migrants were treated better then as opposed to now. Soros also gave his perspective on the market environment and criticized Janet Yellen and her associates for raising the rates of interests in December, which caused diminished returns. This information was mentioned on Forbes as seen the following link
George Soros is the chair and founder of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. He was born 85 years ago in Budapest, Hungary. Soros survived the Nazi occupation during the World War II and fled Hungary when the domination of the communist started in 1947. He went to England where after doing odd jobs, he was able to join the London School economics and pursued his undergraduate studies. Later, he relocated to the United States where he settled and established his investment empire.
Soros is an established author with more than a dozen books to his name. He also writes essays, journal and articles on matters pertaining to economy, society and politics. His work has been published in various magazines and newspapers globally. Soros is also as a philanthropist and has on organization that he utilizes to create and help pro-democratic projects. Currently, the Open Society Organization operates in over 100 countries. This information was originally reported on as provided in the link below