Philanthropist Jason Hope And His Work With SENS

 Entrepreneurs are essential in a country for economic development. A successful entrepreneur should be innovative, initiative, have excellent analysis skills, knowledgeable, make efficient decisions and be a team builder. There are exceptional ones like Jason Hope who have futuristic skills ability to see the future market and start developing it before that time. Jason Hope is an extraordinary businessman, a philanthropist and a technology investor who has contributed to the growth of America’s economy and development.

Jason attended University of Arizona state for his degree in Finance and his Master’s in Business Administration. He accumulated knowledge and skills in finance and management, and after his education, he decided to dive into business. Hope got inspired by Mobile technology system as it reached and benefited a vast population. Even though it is not new in the market mobile technology still has space for development and growth.

As a result of this realization, Hope ventured into selling premium services in the text messages, which laid an excellent foundation for his future a researcher in medicine and an entrepreneur in technology while still giving room for his futuristic skills.

Currently, Hope makes money from his technology firms’ portfolio. Initially, he opened a mobile company for communication that resulted in partnerships with industries involved in technology. He can generate money through firms like Search Engine Optimization that offers marketing services, Interactive Software, Business and Computer Systems of Information and Digital Media Solutions, which are in his investment portfolio. Hope have confidence in technology as the future of society.Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

For Jason Investment in technology is the right way to go for investors, he back this up with his success that didn’t take him long to achieve after his investments. Hope got the motivation to invest in individuals and companies while still building his portfolio after his breakthrough. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Jason built his career on his sense of doubt according to him it’s healthy for any entrepreneur to have that. It benefits one by being on the look-out, makes you think ahead and formulate strategies for overcoming future challenges. He used that doubt as a motivation for his passion for seeing change

Jason delights in donating to an organization that makes positive impacts in human life. He had satisfying moments when he funded SENS Foundation with 500,000$.The fund aided in SENS research that aimed at unlocking secrets to the anti-aging process and advancing future medicine. SENS is also working on ways in which Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer, and respiratory illness can get treated via advanced technology. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Working with Dr. Aubrey De Grey and SENS toward finding treatment in various diseases was a great pleasure and delight for Hope. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

Vincent Parascandola’s Work Withing the Financial Industry

Vincent Parascandola works for AXA Advisors, LLC where he currently holds the position of Senior Executive Vice President. The company provides numerous annuity and life insurance products for United States citizen as as well as being a distribution channel, broker and dealer for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. AXA Advisors, LLC has over 5 thousand workers that are trained to help their clients plan and manage their personal financial needs. At AXA Advisors, LLC Parascandola holds the responsibility of overseeing management development, productivity, recruiting, sales, retention and the training of new financial professionals.

Today, Vincent Parascandola has over two decades of experience in the financial industry. He always had an interest in finance so he went to Pace University in New York to further his study in the field. This is also where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. Parascandola’s career started in 1987 as an agent for Prudential, a company that manages life insurance, investments and retirements. During one of the years he worked there he was named the “National Rookie”. In 1990, three years after joining Prudential, he left to begin working for MONY Life Insurance Company. At this company Parascandola began with local management but rose in the ranks to hold regional management positions. In 2004 he was hired by AXA Advisors, LLC as New York Metro branch’s co-manager. He was promoted to the AXA Advisors, LLC Advantage Group’s President and then again to his current position. More details can be found on Pocomuseum.

Due to his hard work and his ability to organize and manage others Vincent Parascandola has had great success in his work and personal life. He has won several management awards because of this including a “Career Development and Master Agency Award” from GAMA. Outside of work Parascandola manages his own finances and frequently acts as a public speaker. He has spoken at numerous GAMA LAMP Meetings and LIMRA conferences. Though most of his past public speaking events were within the field of finance and management he is looking to expand his audience. In 2014 he returned to Pace University to give the graduating class its commencement speech. Parascandola was awarded with a standing ovation. You can visit his Vimeo account to know more.

Equity First Holding Penetrates the Unite Kingdom Market.

Equity first Holdings is a company that funds high-end organizations and wealthy individuals. The company was formed in the year 2012 by an American entrepreneur called Al Christy. It is a global company with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, and London, and while it has offices spread out in the main cities, its headquarters remain in Indianapolis. Today, it is run and managed by the Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy.

In the financial market, there exist a class of very wealthy individual and organizations valued at billions of dollars. The conventional lenders, however, do neglect these customers. As a result, a gap exists that needs to be filled. Al Christy identified this gap and consequently, Formed Equity First Holdings. The core goal that drives this company is ensuring all customers regardless of their net worth, gets access to finance. The company is privately owned. Equity First Holdings has an exponential yearly growth of over 30 percent. In the recent years, it has increased its global workforce by 50 percent.

On the October of 2016, Equity first Holdings made a public announcement in regards to Andrew Newland, Chief Executive Officer of Angle PLC. The company had concluded the transaction that saw it return 1.35 million shares of Angle to. These were used by Equity First Holding as collateral for a loan that had been awarded to the company two years ago.

The two-year finance deal that was signed on October 2014 was among the first deals Equity First Holdings had landed upon entry in the United Kingdom. The company’s penetration to the United Kingdom’s market came after the company acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Meridian Equity was purchased in the summer of 2014 and renamed as Equities First (London) Limited.

Equity First London Limited operates and provides its services under regulation from Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. The Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy pointed out that it was a regular thing in their day to day activities to return collateral. He further stated that the firm had completed over 700 transactions. It was also the company duty give back the guarantee upon loan repayment.