Empiricus is a company that specializes in investment ideas and publishing different types of financial content. Empiricus was founded in Brazil back in 2009 and the company has its headquarters in São Paulo. The type of publications that the company publishes is in the areas of fixed income, cryptocurrencies, equities, investment funds and real estate funds.

The two gentlemen that founded the company where university professors by the names of Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden. Empiricus partnered with a company called American Group Agora in 2013 and this partnership with the company enabled them to bring their content to 16 countries. The company has seen major growth between the years of 2013 and 2018. The company currently have close to two million free readers and 200,000 paying subscribers.

Empiricus also currently owns 50 percent of a website called O Antagonista. The company is known for defending their creators who are labeled as printing politically incorrect content. The company gained most of its national recognition when it released a video for social media ads called ” O Fim do Brasil”. gets paid for its promotional strategies by Google and Facebook.

Empiricus seems to create quite of bit of politically driven ads that they even have to defend in court but they do eventually win the right to release their ads. Empiricus offers its customers free bulletins and it also offers a monthly paid subscriptions of bulletins as well. The paid plans also has different plans for different budgets. The controlling company of Empiricus is a company called Agora. Agora is based out of Baltimore and was founded back in 1978. The company is known for publishing information about travels, health, and fiance.

Empiricus was built from the ground up and it is unique how the company publishes some controversial pieces. You also do not find a company like this who backs and supports their writers regardless of the pieces that they cover. Besides the controversial pieces the company also provides excellent business advice and investment strategies.


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