Getting Fashion Tips and Advice from Donata Meirelles

For a lot of people, it can be difficult and time-consuming to try to find the right tips and advice that you can utilize in your everyday life. If you are ready to make a change to your look, there is nothing quite like utilizing the advice provided by fashion expert and stylist Donata Meirelles. This professional is the stylist and director of fashion for Vogue Brasil. Her work with the company has been profound over the years, which is why so many people look up to her for the advice that she is able to offer to them. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Some of the best fashion and style tips that Donata Meirelles has offered is the ability to accessorize no matter what type of outfit you happen to be wearing. This is a great choice for people who want and need to be able to utilize this option for themselves and are looking to completely transform themselves. She says that people should also never be afraid of wearing bright colors and patterns so that they are able to effortlessly get the look that they both need and want. You will find this to be a wonderful option for you and gets you feeling great about your appearance.

There are a lot of people who know about Donata Meirelles and the work that she has done for Vogue Brasil. Because of this, she is incredibly popular and active on social media and is continually working within the field to get the best tips and advice that she is able to share with her readers. If you would like to learn more about this amazing professional, you can also visit her on her site and check out her blog, which she keeps updated on a routine basis.

No matter what type of outfit you are going for, you will find that this professional is great for when you want and need to know what to do concerning all of your fashion tips and advice. There are a lot of people out there right now who love and follow this woman because of the work that she has done. If this is something that interests you as it has for a lot of other people, it is time for you to make use of the work that they have been able to do and see why so many individuals are choosing this for themselves and finding it to be great.

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Doe Deer’s Untold Story

Doe Deer, the Russian immigrant that pioneered the makeup empire Lime Crime has an little known story. This is the truth about what happened when she came to the US. In her own words in an article written for Entrepreneur magazine, she states: ” America, for immigrants is and always will be great.”

Doe Deer’s Experience.

She used to daydream when she was 17 about what it would be like to come to the US. She was absorbed in our magazines, TV and news that she was able to see. Finally, her mother, sister and she were able to come to the states. But things weren’t glamorous, at all.

Imagine, the red-tape, keeping your family who is well-educated with great jobs at home, held back from being gainfully employed. Imagine having to then scramble to eat and sleep in a safe space. This is exactly what happened to Doe Deer and her family.

When her mother, a gainfully employed, educated Russian accountant of many years experienced a major set back due to the delay in her paperwork. Yes, companies wanted to hire her but they refused to prior to the verification of her past education.

After cleaning homes and babysitting the neighbor’s cats, the money ran out. Doe’s family ended up in a homeless shelter. They were in one room with no kitchen and in very tight quarters. They had to stick together to be safe. Doe Deer being proactive and wanting to escape, worked on her design sketches.

Where this experience took her and her family.

in 1999 a social worker who took a proactive interest in them introduced the family to an organization called Sanctuary for Families. From there, they helped the mother get a job in her field as an accountant: the sister to Columbia University and Doe to the Fashion Institute.The sketches she proactively drew in the shelter are what got her accepted. From there, Lime Crime was born.

In conclusion, her sentiment of America being great for immigration, is backed by hard fact and life experience.

Victoria Doramus Emerges Victorious From Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert who shares her experiences as an alcohol and drug addict with the hope of helping people with the same problem. She first went to rehab in 2011, at the age of 26 but did not fully understand anything to do with drug addiction. After 45 days in Sierra Tucson, a center in Arizona, she went back to LA with more knowledge about herself but did not comprehend the fact that she had a disease and needed help. She tried changing her circle of friends and even going back to school in London, but her disease persisted. Victoria opted to join a rehabilitation center in Connecticut for the second time with the hope of a change, and 60 days later her situation was only getting worse. She lost all her friends and family and was rendered homeless in Manhattan trying to find a doctor that would help her.

Ms. Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) decided in January 2017 and flew to Austin where she checked into Burning Tree, a rehab that applied the boot camp approach with a 12step program. In the facility, with the help of connections to the high powers, she got to understand her situation better without victimizing herself. Through peer evaluations, Victoria was able to focus on her characteristics that needed modification to lead a happy, healthy life.

According to, in August of the same year, she left the facility and moved to Dallas and got a job working an average of 35 hours weekly to help keep her mind occupied before finally moving to New York where she linked with nonprofit organizations fighting against drug addiction. Victoria Doramus admits that her biggest challenge is maintaining a clean state of mind but is working on it with her addiction therapist. She believes that change is possible if someone is willing to change. Follow Doramus on Instagram.

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Ryan Seacrest Conducted A Recent Interview With Men’s Journal

Seemingly no matter where one looks in the entertainment industry’s television and radio shows, magazine aisles, book sections, lifestyle-detailing websites, and wealth of other print and digital publications, the masculine, attractive, daring, fit, well-defined, well-dressed likeness of Ryan Seacrest cannot be escaped.

This quasi-fact of life has held true for the better half of three decades, as Ryan Seacrest has spent time gracing television screens around the screened displays of English-speaking audiences around the globe since the early 1990s. Mr. Seacrest’s likeness has also been widely sought-after for magazine features since he started co-hosting Fox’s hit entertainment-industry competition show American Idol in 2002.

Men’s Journal paid Ryan Seacrest God-knows-how-much for an interview regarding his overweight life of three-plus decades ago, his favorite means of staying in shape as of lately, and other interesting tidbits about the personal life of Mr. Ryan Seacrest that people likely don’t know about already – or maybe they do, if they’ve already read over the transcript of the hit interview by Matt Caputo of Men’s Journal with the Hollywood entertainment industry’s most popular television and radio host, Ryan Seacrest.

If Mr. Seacrest decides to fudge up on his otherwise-strict diet, what does he prefer to eat?

Per the Men’s Journal interview, Seacrest enjoys eating carb-heavy dishes like penne pasta, tacos, enchiladas, chocolate-chip cookies, and “pizza with the prosciutto on it.” Ryan Seacrest shared that because he exercises in countless different capacities – running, yoga, weightlifting, cycling, among many other regular means of working out – and does such frequently, he feels comfortable about eating what he wants to, whenever he desires it.

Seacrest once was a fat child who was extremely shy and didn’t like anything except food and radio – here’s how the world knows

Thinking that nobody from Seacrest’s childhood came forward with pictures of him from his younger, overweight years is unbelievable. However, Ryan Seacrest shared that he finally came clean about his once-hidden past because embracing the insecurity he felt back then was the reason he got in shape in the first place. As such, he only felt sharing his story with others could help other people out, rather than hurt his own or others’ reputations. Ryan’s on Facebook.

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Fabletics: Online Shopping Made Efficient

There are very few fashion brands out there that break the mold of what traditional brands do to advertise and market themselves. Fashion brands usually go down the tried and tested path, and end up not standing out in the face of severe competition. Fabletics is one brand that has done everything that is not like fashion brands to do, which is precisely what has set them apart from other players in the market. Fabletics is a brand that sells activewear and leisurewear through their website. The brand first started selling clothes through their website in 2013 and since then have grown to become a fan favorite. Today, the brand has millions of customers all over the world, with a majority of them being in America. Fabletics takes great care to ensure that their customers are having the best possible shopping experience while they are on the Fabletics website and have gone to great lengths to ensure the efficiency of the experience that one has. The brand has implemented several optimizations and plans to make the process appealing and easier for the person on the other end of the screen. Because they have revolutionized the process of online shopping, more and more people are turning to this brand for their activewear needs as compared to previously big sports and activewear brands.


When it comes to the actual process of buying and selling their clothing, Fabletics has one of the most ingenious strategies in place. Unlike most brands, Fabletics sells their clothing and accessories through a subscription system. Similar to what magazines do, the brand has a monthly subscription which allows people to receive one or more sets of activewear per month, depending on the kind of plan that they go in for. This has made getting more sets of clothing extremely easy and a lot more accessible than it has ever been. Customers are reminded to go back to the site every month after their first purchase to select the new items that they would like to receive. This has made shopping a lot more convenient for the customers and saves them the time of searching for brands and products to buy from other marketplaces.


Customers who come to the Fabletics website for the first time are asked a few questions upon entering the site. The answers that customers give are read by the technology that is integrated into the website so that Fabletics can show their customers clothing options that are in tune to what they have specified. The site also keeps track of the products that one searches for, adds to their cart, and purchases, so that they can offer them products that are similar to those. This has made the process of selecting items a lot easier than it has ever been, which is a huge positive for the brand. People who opt for these selections don’t have to go through the extra effort that one would generally have to go through, which is also something that has drawn in a lot of customers.

Academy of Art University Where the Latest Art Talents Are Learning Their Craft

Skylight Clarkson Square hosted the Academy of Art University‘s 21st runway fashion showcase on September 9, 2017. Ten of the Art University’s BFA and MFA graduates debuted some men’s and women’s fashion collections. The newly talented and very promising designers come from places that span from mainline China all the way to the cost of Maine in the United States to present their fashions in New York city . Some of the judges included Ms. J Alexander from America’s Top Model , and Sara Kozlowski, who’s the current director of Education and professional Development at CFDA. All the students at the Academy of Art University have taken many classes and internships lasting many hours in order to be ready for 15 minutes on the runway.

The Academy of Art University made its home in San Francisco, California since 1929, originally known as the Academy of Advertising Art. The school was founded by Richard S. Stephens, who was a painter and magazine editor of Sunset Magazine. Mr. Stephens was the head of the school until 1951 when he handed the position over to his son. Students can come in person or ,since 2002, have been able to have art classes online. The Academy of Art University holds more than 70 alumni and gallery exhibitions per year in the San Francisco area.

In 1992, Elisa Stephens took over as president of the Academy of Art University where student enrollment has grown from 2,000 students to 18,000 in a matter of 20 years. Twice a year, since 2005, Dr. Stephens had gotten the students of design involved in New York’s fashion week events. Among the famous alumni, are former television actress Raven Symone, Lauren Conrad, and Heidi Montag (

Elisa Stephens is dedicated to having her teachers educate students with the latest technology and industrial trends. Many of the Academy of Art University graduates are finding jobs as designers for Apple, Google, Nordstrom,EA, Nike, Pixar, Zynga and others. In addition to clothing design and technology, the students are also majors in acting, animation, television, photography , and the music industry. Dr. Stephens the university’s future.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye Is A Game Changer

For a number of years rumors have swirled about the chances of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime brand branching out from the creation and development of cosmetics and into a new era for this innovative and unique brand with semi-permanent hair dyes that are inspired by the hair of the founder. For those who are not in the loop when it comes to this brand, Doe Deere is a one woman marketing machine who uses the products from her own cosmetics brand to create unique looks representing her own quirky sense of style; the deep, bold colors of the cosmetics created by Doe Deere now look set to be replicated with a brand new range of hair dyes in bold colors to replicate the hair choices of Doe Deere herself.


Taking a look through the pages of the Lime Crime Website now opens up a landing page for the “Unicorn Hair” range of semi-permanent hair dyes that have been made available in a range of different colors; although it is easy to spot the influence of Doe Deere herself on the range of products available to the public in terms of hair color, but the vivid orange color is seen as a throwback to the look of Mila Jovovich’s character in the classic science fiction movie, “The Fifth Element”.


The creation of the “Unicorn Hair” range has not been given a release date, but it does reflect the innovation that has made Lime Crime such a fast growing company across the world for its impressive range of cosmetics sold Online in a way that has provided inspiration for the entire cosmetics industry. Innovation has been the name of the game for the brand since it was created with the development of the lipstick swatch that has been taken up by cosmetics companies across the planet; after developing “Unicorn Hair” for over three years the cosmetics industry is set to be shaken up once more by Doe Deere and her innovative way of thinking about business.

Demi Lovato And Fabletics; The Perfect Match

Award-winning pop star Demi Lovato recently teased that she had something big in the works. True to her pledge, the songbird revealed a deal that stunned many of her fans – a collabo with fellow celebrity’s Kate Hudson’s fashion outfit, Fabletics. The two famous women are teaming up to design a new collection. The proceeds from the partnership will support the Girl Up program, an initiative conceived by the United Nations.


Demi first shared the new on her Instagram profile. She expressed her enthusiasm by stating she was proud to work in close cooperation with a firm that upholds inclusiveness and designs apparels that are comfortable as well as elegant. Lovato is a fitness freak, famed for dedicating her time to physical exercises. She added that the activewear fuses fashion and style while inspiring the client to look at their body shape.

The products are set to hit the market soon, with the limited-edition capsule being the pioneer. A percentage of the profits will be given to UNFPA, a United Nations agency that runs a program which supports the education of the girl child.


In the ensuing press release, Kate Hudson named Demi as the quintessence of a unique Fabletics brand. Kate said that Demi is a prominent figure in the female society and acts as a mentor to many, particularly young ladies. She concluded by saying Demi’s values are at par with those of Fabletics.


On her part, Demi concurred with the thoughts of Kate Hudson. For her, the partnership

presented a platform to express her true self and adoration for both women empowerment and fashion. Inspired by the strong messages in her songs, her designs will incorporate striking colors in addition to conspicuous and flamboyant prints. Regarding this subjects, Demi said that she was gratified to be involved in creative design while

positively impacting on the lives of girls.


The Rising Reputation of Fabletics’ Brand


In a market dominated by corporate giant Amazon, Kate Hudson must be pleased by the exponential growth that her business has undergone. Hardly four years after its establishment, Fabletics has taken the online fashion market by storm, amassing a revenue of a quarter billion dollars in the process. The company uses a membership model, where customers are required to subscribe to the program before acquiring the business’s products.


The business success is ascribed to taking a unique approach to the provision of services. Traditionally, high-value brands were set out from the rest due to quality and outrageous prices. However, recent evolution has rendered those two characteristics obsolete, as customers look for better experience, gamification and élite design among other things. Moreover, the company has borrowed the success strategies of leading corporates such as Apple, by opening up physical stores in addition to online shops.


Additionally, Fabletics emphasizes on making the most out of their membership model. Using data sourced from their subscribers, they develop designs that are likely to appeal to their customers. Further, they can offer more individualized services, since they already know their target’s tastes and preferences. The icing on the cake is that the products are affordable.



A New Take on The Fashion Business


Fabletics is a new company on the market having only been in business for three years. While three years in business is not a long time, Fabletics has taken off in a big way. They have made a name for themselves and they are continuing to show substantial growth year after year.


One of the reasons why this company is doing so well so soon is their company model. Don Ressler is a co-founder of the company and wanted to put a new twist on the traditional way of doing business. As an entrepreneur, Don wanted to do something unique, and this is the way he set up Fabletics to be a success. Fabletics began entirely as an online company. There were no physical stores for customers to go to. All merchandise was listed online, and all information needed about these products was listed there as well.


When customers came to the website, they were offered special incentives if they became a member. During the signup process, customers were asked questions about their likes and wants. These were then tracked so a customized shopping experience could be presented. Customers were then offered deals on items they may be interested in and shown outfits that fit their predetermined criteria.


By having a customized approach, customers no longer had to wade through everything on the site. They were presented with the deals and the clothing that was best suited for them. Occasionally, customers will be sent promotional emails, and these are also customized to their needs and wants. This approach can help customers to save time and money.


When Fabletics began, Don Ressler they approached the industry with different concepts and ideas than have been used in the past. These concepts may have seemed strange, but they have paid off in a big way. Fabletics has continued to grow, and they are even branching out. They have opened physical stores across the country with plans to open more. The future for Fabletics looks bright, and they are in it for the long haul.  Learn more about the founder Don Ressler from his interview here, or see what other companies he has managed to great success on LinkedIn.

Working Out With Fabletics

Fabletics is a clothing company that sells cute, stylish and affordable athletic clothes for women. The brands co founder and spokesperson Kate Hudson is a very famous actress known for her many popular roles in recent years. Kate is an avid exerciser and wanted to create a line of athletic clothes where women not only felt comfortable and protected while working out but they could also have cute and stylish clothes.


There are so many benefits to Fabletics but the biggest one is the fact that everything gets shipped straight to your door. No shopping, no trying on clothes and no hassle. Crazy coupon lady who is known for all her money saving tips did a great review on Fabletics and ended up loving the fact that everything is shipped straight to you which makes it so much easier for busy moms or women who have long busy days. You simply visit their website take a short quiz to see your work out style so they can get to know you a little better and then they choose an outfit based on your taste.


The outfit is then shipped straight to your door with free shipping included every month. Trustpilot another big blogger and reviewer who uses Fabletics often, agrees their check out is quick and easy and items arrive within 1-2 weeks of signing up. Trustpilot also mentions how great their customer service is. If an item is not as described or does not fit or work correctly you can easily send back for an exchange and they will switch the item out for you. Having a good return policy is important when shopping for things online as you are not sure how they will fit you.


After taking the short quiz and getting your new outfit Fabletics will then begin custom choosing an outfit for you every month until you cancel. Each month a new box will arrive with your stylish new work out clothes. If you want to cancel or skip a month you can easily do that right from their website or by calling their customer service. There is no penalty for canceling and you can begin receiving boxes again at anytime. Fabletics is a quick and easy way to get excited about working out and with new stylish and affordable clothes coming every month you will always have something to look forward to.