Cosmetics – Why Lime Crime Is One Of The Best

Getting quality cosmetics from Lime Crime is so important for making sure you achieve the best looking skin you can get. One thing most women and men forget is that they buy products that don’t match their skin color, type, and tone. The kind of products you use on your face can dictate your skin in the future. It can either get better or worse, and not having the right kind of makeup can cause future breakouts. Find out some amazingly powerful techniques for improving your skin tone and looking your best every day using only the best makeup.

Choosing Quality Cosmetics

– Organic And Filled With Great Ingredients

Some cosmetics companies are very secretive with what’s in their products and the things they put in. The best companies will always make sure they are proud to share what they use in their products. For example, if they explain they use top notch organic products and they share that, then you can be sure they do use such ingredients. Going organic is great for most women because they won’t hurt most sensitive skin. Any makeup that is much thicker can be tough on the face for some women.

– Great Colors

The color of the makeup you use can make a drastic difference to your look. You need to look your ultimate best when you’re at that party or event. The right colors on your face can make a difference. The right cosmetics company will provide you with all the great assortments of colors. It goes a long way to have a quality cosmetics line provide for you.

Lime Crime is one of the best cosmetics lines in the business because of how they provide quality and extensively unique products with their stress-free approach to makeup. They strive to allow for people to get their personality to shine through. Lime Crime provides quality products at a price you can pay for. As an independent team in Los Angeles, they are committed to giving only the best cruelty-free cosmetics and stunning colors.

Their product line provides quality cosmetics with stunning colors. The team is made up of many makeup lovers who genuinely love finding new changes and developments in their products. Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the company, and she strives to give her users makeup they can rely on. Lime Crime is one of the few in the business who provides products that can really complement almost anybody with the best makeup possible.

In the world of cosmetics, only a few brands stand out for their astounding product line. Whether it’s their organic approach or quality ingredients, Lime Crime has remained a brand that has produced only the best items in the business.

How to Get a Doe Deere’s Model Look from Your Makeup

Makeup, when put on correctly, greatly improves the outlook of an individual. With so many types of makeup on, mastering the art of putting on makeup can cumbersome and needs dedicated individuals. However, the tips below can always help you achieve better results.

1) Concealer
The common mistake most people make is to put concealer as a base on their eyelids. You should avoid this. Using concealer or foundation as a base causes eye makeup to crease.

2) Foundation
You can use your fingers or brush to apply foundation. It all depends on what coverage you want. For sheer coverage, apply your foundation using your fingers. Polished, medium or full coverage is achieved by apply foundation using a brush.

3) Powder
When applying powder, start with where your face is the shiniest. These areas should be your main focus. After dealing with these areas, you can lightly dust the remaining parts of your face. Remember to dust careful to avoid getting the powder into your eyes.

4) Bronzer
Bronzer is put on face, neck and chest. Its work is to make your skin tone even out. As you put bronzer, constantly step back and check if you are achieving even skin tone. Notice those regions with problems and correct them.

5) Blush
The trick to correct blush application is to always smile when applying it. Start the application from the cheek’s apple and move back. Blush should be applied till you reach the top of your ear. Ensure you do not leave out the region towards your jaw line during blush application.

6) Eyebrow
Apply brow powder or pencil on your eyebrow’s upper portion. As compared to application on lower portion of the eyebrow, upper portion application lifts an individual’s face. If your hand shakes, you can have a friend or family member help you with the application.

7) Lipstick
Lipstick application should be done such as it covers your mouth’s inner corners. Make sure it is uniformly distributed rather than concentrated at the top of your lip. As you apply lipsticks, press it down hard.

8) Eye Shadow
With eye shadows, always apply base shadow first. The base shadow should be one that matches your face’s lightest skin tone. The base shadow should not have any shimmer. Apply the base shadow till you reach your eyebrow. The darker shadows of the base shadow should be used on your lid up.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is one of the top makeup brands for individuals interested in bright eye shadow colors. The brand has caused a lot of online buzz and is used by top models like Atim. Doe Deere is a Russian born makeup creator, a businesswoman and a technology executive. She relocated to United States in 1999.

9) Eyeliner
When applying eyeliner, always start with the inner corner. You should avoid folding the eyeliner before reaching the outside of the eye. Being close to the mirror while applying eyeliner will help you achieve better results.

Following these tips strictly will greatly improve the outlook you get from your makeup. Remember you can always wash and reapply in case you do not put on the makeup correctly. You should also try a variety of colors to establish the best for your skin.

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere On How Dreams Are Made Real

According to the interview done by with Lime Crime’s Doe Deere about how to make dreams come to reality, a number of things were learned about this lady.

First of fall, Doe Deere was born and bred in Russia. She relocated to USA when she was 17 thus she can say that her foundational years were lived in Russia and New York and presently live in Los Angeles.

When asked if she was always an ambitious soul, she stated that she was ever imaginative as well as ambitious in her live. Though she doesn’t think, particularly as a kid, one always is imaginative. And she thinks the greatest that she dreamed was likely to become a singer that is precisely what she did after she migrated to New York.

Being a singer assisted her to learn things like career as well as marketing plus taught her to actually appreciate once people show up to her events and things like that. Thus that is how she began, with visions of becoming a musician. However, then she found herself in makeup business and it is a great thing. Though, she has always been somehow entrepreneurial. Deere had her initial small business in Russia after she was 13 years of age, she sold temporary tattoos that were novelty back then, and it was so interesting. She believes what she did was that, she discovered the tattoos and then made them popular and traded them to her classmates. Although she simply made them cool through wearing them as well as insisting that it’s good enough to wear an impermanent tattoo.

Deere lived in New York City from 1998 to 2012 and she loved it. She stated that she lived in New York City for a very long time thus she thinks that she got into adulthood in that city since she resided there from the time she was 17. She lived for a short period in Manhattan and then resided in Brooklyn for 9 years; therefore that was her stomping place. She was in an orchestra thus that is what she associates New York with.

Don Deere started her music career in a band, and that is where she actually met her husband. They learned how to collaborate immediately they met in the band since they were both songwriters as well as endorsing the band and this actually marked the beginning of everything. And they learned how to work so well together.

Deere frankly advised the younger ladies who are only as ambitious as she was and still is, is to follow their hearts because she thinks that all people have something unique about them-some form of exceptional skill or even quality that simply they possess on earth. And after they understand that, that’s when they actually begin to blossom as well as reach their exact potential. Deere likes to state that young women should go where they love and simply discover it. She moreover said that it is imperative for someone to relate with themselves and to actually understand themselves to give the greatest value since although growing up they feel, at least Deere felt, she was so different plus alone in most of her thinking maybe.

Lime Crime: A Cutting Edge Cosmetics Company

These days, more and more people want to shop for their cosmetics products online. Although there are many online beauty businesses that you could pursue in order to attain the cosmetics you want, Lime Crime on urbanoutfitters is a company you definitely shouldn’t overlook. Learn more about this dynamic company by reviewing the following information:

Lime Crime’s Founder: Doe Deere

As the CEO and founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere is committed to helping people keep their dreams alive and spice up their life with perpetual fun and organicity. To make it happen, Deere specializes in providing customers with a diverse range of incredible products that will enhance aesthetic appeal and send levels of self-confidence straight through the roof. In understanding that cosmetics are about much more than merely covering up blotchy skin, Deere is passionate about demonstrating that make-up can be used to attain the aesthetic creativity and freedom necessary to display your personality to the world.

Lime Crime: Basic Data

As a cosmetics company committed to veganism, the entire line of make-up offered by Lime Crime is cruelty-free. Additionally, the company is passionate about offering customers a wide range of products. The product line includes:

• glitter
• eyeliners
• grunge palettes
• lips
• nails

A Contemporary Perspective

In a world where technological updates and evolutions in the cosmetics industry transpire with each passing day, businesses that want to be relevant to contemporary audiences must maintain a contemporary perspective. And this is exactly what the professionals of Lime Crime do. By paying attention to new trends that emerge in the beauty industry and listening carefully to the needs and preferences of customers, the Lime Crime crew is effective in maintaining a line conducive to the values of today’s world.

Putting The Customer First

At Lime Crime, primacy is placed on putting the customer in the driver’s seat at all times. The company’s professionals realize this objective in numerous ways, one of which is the maintenance of an information-packed “Customer Care” page.

• Are your cosmetics vegan?
• Can I purchase your products from a physical store?
• Is it safe to shop on this website?

Lime Crime is also happy to accommodate customers with perks and bonuses for shopping with the company. For example, individuals who place an order that totals more than $50 qualify for free shipping.


If you like looking good and are into using beauty products to make it happen, Lime Crime may be the perfect cosmetics company for you. By visiting the website today at, you can determine whether the company’s products can help you realize your aesthetic goals!

Top High-End Hotels – The Dorchester Collection

A prominent hotel management company, The Dorchester Collection, has made a name for itself through the operation of its many hotels including the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel. The excellence of this company can be seen by the organization of its staff and upkeep of various rooms in each hotel. The beautiful designs of rooms used for lodgings, meetings, weddings, and conferences shows the company’s commitment to customers and their well-being. Reputable travel sites such as have given The Dorchester Collection 5-star ratings on its stellar service and treatment of customers.

This management company, headed in London, was established in 2006 signaling a change in strategy to meet company goals. The Collection manages hotels in many countries including England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA. Customers have the option of choosing luxurious activities such as enjoying a relaxing massage, an afternoon tea, or even a day at the spa. Customers can also shop for merchandise. The company accepts common credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard and has recently integrated bitcoin payments to their online store.

These hotels have made a name for themselves in their respected areas and have become iconic in their own right, historic even. The Collection has set the standards for high-end hotels and is continually surpassing its own standards through deals and upgrades to facilities.

Pass through the doors of a Dorchester Collection hotel and you’ll experience something truly special. You’ll sense it in the way you are greeted; see it in the iconic elegance; discover it in the service and enjoy it in the quirky characteristics. Most of all we trust you’ll feel it from the moment you arrive until long after you leave. Whether you are staying in London, Ascot, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, each of our hotels offers an unforgettable experience.

There are over ten room design variations for lodgings for customers and clients. They are broken down into rooms, suits, roof suits, and signature suits. All accommodations can be viewed in full detail by location. The Dorchester Collection is very family oriented and has special accommodations for children and mothers-to-be. This family centric attitude towards customers is one key trait that sets this hotel company apart from others. Another important aspect to look into about The Dorchester Collection is the Diamond Club. This club is a private membership with the Collection that gives access to upgrades, credit/point accumulation, and exclusive meal deals. The Dorchester Collection hotels are priority hotels for everyone whether traveling on business or vacation.

Check out this gorgeous suite. Luxury is on your side when you stay with The Dorchester Collection. Is Working On a Watch With Gucci’s watch is about to get even fancier. The musician turn tech entrepreneur announced plans this week to partner with Gucci on a new version if his smartwatch. Called Puls, the smartwatch is a cuff of sorts and works independently of a smartphone. Since the phone has its own SIM card it can be used to make calls and can receive text messages on its own as well as play music and interact with social networks.’s original smart cuff, Puls, was received with mixed reviews when it unveiled it late last year. While reviewers liked that it could be used independently from a smartphone, the cuff is awkward for many people to wear, and the tiny screen makes doing things like typing text messages difficult for most people.

The Gucci version of the watch looks also identical to the original Puls we saw last year. It will be interesting to see what bells and whistles (if any) the musician and fashion brand decide to add to the Puls when they unveil it to the world.

Hiding In A Hoodie


Some people who wear hoodies might be trying to conceal something, but there are plenty of people who want to wear hoodies to stay warm. That’s what the piece of clothing is intended for, so why is Oklahoma, one of the colder states in the country in the winter, possibly issuing a fine to those who wear them? Some might think of all of the crimes that are taking place in the country, and wearing hoodies might be a way to groups to ban together or conceal weapons.
They are easy to put on and take off. Which is why Bruce Levenson is saying lets move on. The suggestion in Oklahoma City is that officials want people not to hide their identity, and if they do by wearing a hoodie, then they could face a $500 fine.

Terry Richardson: One of the Worlds Most Talented Fashion Photographers

The world of film and photography is pretty hard to break into. This is especially true for film and photography in the fashion and music industry. Terry Richardson hasn’t had any problem being very successful in this industry however. He has created an amazing name for himself as one of the most well regarded fashion photographers in the industry. He has also made a name for himself as a highly respected music video director as well. We will take an in depth look at Terry Richardson in this article and share with you more of his story and his accomplishments.

Terry’s first love was that of punk rock music. He started out in the Hollywood area playing in a punk rock band, and looking for success through that avenue. This was something that he had always dreamed of since he was a young child. His mother bought him a camera in 1982 in order to help him document his time in the punk scene. In 1992 Terry decided that he was done with music and he wanted to focus more on photography. He packed up and moved to New York where he started to really focus in on his photography skills.

It was in New York where things really started to happen for Terry Richardson. He had his first set of photos published in Vibe in 1994. This is when things really started to take off for Terry. It wasn’t long before word got out about his amazing talent. The next year in 1995 Terry shot his first spring collection as a fashion photographer. This was a great step in the right direction for Terry, and he decided to move to London, England after this shoot. He worked for many European magazines in London, and continued to grow his career overseas.

Since Terry’s start in the fashion industry he has worked for some of the biggest labels, designers, brands, and magazines. His work is known world wide, and revered for its amazing style and technique. Terry is multi-talented as well. Ever since the early 90s, Terry has been directing music videos for some of the biggest names in the industry.