Say Hello To Sensational Lips!

Created in 2009 by Craig Dubitsky, EOS lip balm is known for having unique packaging that comes in a wide range of shapes,colors and fragrances. The evolution of smooth truly what you get since their lip balms are made with all natural ingredients including vitamin E,shea butter and jojoba oil.EOS lip balms are packed with antioxidants,are dermatologist tested and are hypoallergenic.

The many fragrances make this product appealing to a lot of people because everyone is likely to find a scent that suits their personality and preference. The fact that these cute little balms are small and affordable are just a few of the reasons EOS lip balm has become so popular; even being promoted by celebrities!

Passion fruit,strawberry and cherry are just a few of the most popular scents available and users have sworn by the widely available during the colder months when lips are more likely to become dry and chapped.

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Since retailers worldwide make sure to keep EOS lip balms in stock, they’re easy to find so you’re not limited to online ordering, paying extra for shipping or the pain of waiting for days for delivery. You’re likely to see the colorfully shaped balms near the register at your local supermarket or even in the beauty aisle. Hop over to

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Whether your lips need a little extra TLC or if you’re in need of major lip repair, EOS lip balms allow you to say hello to sensational lips during any season.

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