Fabletics: Online Shopping Made Efficient

There are very few fashion brands out there that break the mold of what traditional brands do to advertise and market themselves. Fashion brands usually go down the tried and tested path, and end up not standing out in the face of severe competition. Fabletics is one brand that has done everything that is not like fashion brands to do, which is precisely what has set them apart from other players in the market. Fabletics is a brand that sells activewear and leisurewear through their website. The brand first started selling clothes through their website in 2013 and since then have grown to become a fan favorite. Today, the brand has millions of customers all over the world, with a majority of them being in America. Fabletics takes great care to ensure that their customers are having the best possible shopping experience while they are on the Fabletics website and have gone to great lengths to ensure the efficiency of the experience that one has. The brand has implemented several optimizations and plans to make the process appealing and easier for the person on the other end of the screen. Because they have revolutionized the process of online shopping, more and more people are turning to this brand for their activewear needs as compared to previously big sports and activewear brands.


When it comes to the actual process of buying and selling their clothing, Fabletics has one of the most ingenious strategies in place. Unlike most brands, Fabletics sells their clothing and accessories through a subscription system. Similar to what magazines do, the brand has a monthly subscription which allows people to receive one or more sets of activewear per month, depending on the kind of plan that they go in for. This has made getting more sets of clothing extremely easy and a lot more accessible than it has ever been. Customers are reminded to go back to the site every month after their first purchase to select the new items that they would like to receive. This has made shopping a lot more convenient for the customers and saves them the time of searching for brands and products to buy from other marketplaces.


Customers who come to the Fabletics website for the first time are asked a few questions upon entering the site. The answers that customers give are read by the technology that is integrated into the website so that Fabletics can show their customers clothing options that are in tune to what they have specified. The site also keeps track of the products that one searches for, adds to their cart, and purchases, so that they can offer them products that are similar to those. This has made the process of selecting items a lot easier than it has ever been, which is a huge positive for the brand. People who opt for these selections don’t have to go through the extra effort that one would generally have to go through, which is also something that has drawn in a lot of customers.

EOS’s new Pod is Crystal Clear

Evolution of Smooth has gotten smoother by giving their signature product a makeover.

Evolution of Smooth, known to loyal customers as EOS, is introducing a new pod for new lip balms. The former round container is now less rounded, transparent, and wax-free. The transparency is a see-through applicator that glides on your lips instead of smearing it. A less rounded applicator makes it easier to apply lip balm in a prompt manner. The wax-free label is great for vegans because it contains no animal sacrifice to create this item. It also comes with a new name: EOS Crystal, refer also to usmagazine.com.

Besides the changes, EOS is adding two surprises. The first surprise is adding two new flavors to the EOS family. Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach are coming to stores in August in the new pod. As of now, they are the only colors using the new pod, but they hope that changes soon. The second surprise is mixing five essential oils to all flavors, including Shea, coconut, and avocado. This encourages lip protection and softness.

This information originated from three Instagram posts. The first post states “Clear as crystal. Smooth as EOS. Say Hello to every girl’s best friend.” The second post talks about the essential oils added to their products. It goes “Five nourishing natural oils. Zero wax. EOS Crystal has officially arrived.” It includes a video explaining the crystal’s appearance while saying it “weightless, vegan, wax-free, and here.” The final post says, “Lips on sleek. New EOS Crystal is packed with 5 essential oils for a smooth glide that leaves your lips soft and chic.”

For more information about the pod, the oils, or the new flavors, visit evolutionofsmooth.com. Read also some beauty hacks here. Visit that site to make your purchase for the classic and new flavors as well. Each pod is $5.49, so get your pod before it’s gone.

Watch this amazing review of EOS, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQEsd7_LaLk.