Demi Lovato And Fabletics; The Perfect Match

Award-winning pop star Demi Lovato recently teased that she had something big in the works. True to her pledge, the songbird revealed a deal that stunned many of her fans – a collabo with fellow celebrity’s Kate Hudson’s fashion outfit, Fabletics. The two famous women are teaming up to design a new collection. The proceeds from the partnership will support the Girl Up program, an initiative conceived by the United Nations.


Demi first shared the new on her Instagram profile. She expressed her enthusiasm by stating she was proud to work in close cooperation with a firm that upholds inclusiveness and designs apparels that are comfortable as well as elegant. Lovato is a fitness freak, famed for dedicating her time to physical exercises. She added that the activewear fuses fashion and style while inspiring the client to look at their body shape.

The products are set to hit the market soon, with the limited-edition capsule being the pioneer. A percentage of the profits will be given to UNFPA, a United Nations agency that runs a program which supports the education of the girl child.


In the ensuing press release, Kate Hudson named Demi as the quintessence of a unique Fabletics brand. Kate said that Demi is a prominent figure in the female society and acts as a mentor to many, particularly young ladies. She concluded by saying Demi’s values are at par with those of Fabletics.


On her part, Demi concurred with the thoughts of Kate Hudson. For her, the partnership

presented a platform to express her true self and adoration for both women empowerment and fashion. Inspired by the strong messages in her songs, her designs will incorporate striking colors in addition to conspicuous and flamboyant prints. Regarding this subjects, Demi said that she was gratified to be involved in creative design while

positively impacting on the lives of girls.


The Rising Reputation of Fabletics’ Brand


In a market dominated by corporate giant Amazon, Kate Hudson must be pleased by the exponential growth that her business has undergone. Hardly four years after its establishment, Fabletics has taken the online fashion market by storm, amassing a revenue of a quarter billion dollars in the process. The company uses a membership model, where customers are required to subscribe to the program before acquiring the business’s products.


The business success is ascribed to taking a unique approach to the provision of services. Traditionally, high-value brands were set out from the rest due to quality and outrageous prices. However, recent evolution has rendered those two characteristics obsolete, as customers look for better experience, gamification and élite design among other things. Moreover, the company has borrowed the success strategies of leading corporates such as Apple, by opening up physical stores in addition to online shops.


Additionally, Fabletics emphasizes on making the most out of their membership model. Using data sourced from their subscribers, they develop designs that are likely to appeal to their customers. Further, they can offer more individualized services, since they already know their target’s tastes and preferences. The icing on the cake is that the products are affordable.



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